Classical Karate in Prague

Donsk√° 275/9, Praha 10, 10100

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Karate is an ancient form of self defence originated in Okinawa (Japan), as a combination of local fighting methods with Chinese Kung Fu. Although it is better known for its punches and kicks, classical Karate uses every part of the body for hitting, throwing, locking joints or pinning into the ground to defend oneself, making it a very complete system.

Usually Karate is thought as a competitive sport, mainly practiced by young people, in which the opponents engage into combat or performances to earn a medal and a title. This is sport Karate, which has earned a place as an offspring of the traditional Karate, but our school is instead devoted to maintain the basic principles of Karate, to conserve the goal for which it was conceived, that is to be an effective system of self defence and also a personal development path.

Through constant training both children and adults will achieve better control of their mind and body, overcoming their fears and improving their
strength, balance, flexibility, focus and connection with others. Our school is known in its birth place by the effectivity of its techniques and the hardness of its training. The newcomer will find a style that is effective and challenging, but in a step by step fashion and at his/her own pace, he/she will make the way up to overcome the boundaries of both mind and body.

To start, only comfortable clothes and the will to learn are needed.

Classical Karate in Prague

Donsk√° 275/9, Praha 10, 10100

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