Smartcharla Tutoring and Coaching

Ostrovského 253/3, Praha 5, 15000


Are you an Expat, a tourist or a foreign student in Prague? Are you adapting to a new environment or planning to relocate here?

SmartCharla will make your stay pleasant, enjoyable, educational and interesting.

Czech LANGUAGE courses with a bit of cross-cultural coaching will help you get closer to the Czech people and culture.

COACHING PROGRAMS will show you how to personally benefit from living abroad so you would take your stay or life here as an opportunity for self-reflection and self-discovery.

Language lessons and coaching sessions take place in the private office located just a few steps from Anděl underground station - Na Knížecí exit where you can fully enjoy various teaching materials (printed, audio and video) and coaching methods and tools and concentrate on making the most of your studying as well as your self-reflection time.

Note: You should have at least a pre-intermediate knowledge of the Czech language in order to be eligible for individual Czech courses.

Smartcharla Tutoring and Coaching

Ostrovského 253/3, Praha 5, 15000

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I finally got ideal lessons.

Reviewed by Junko Hirakawa 10.10.2017
After I moved in Prague, I tried to study Czech in some ways, at some language schools with expensive tution fee, open courses with less fee by support organization for foreiners, and language exchange. But I had doubts about its effectiveness, looked for teacher for private lessons. Pavlina is not only good teacher of Czech language but also attractive person who can provide how should we communicate with people from each another country.... read more

I´ve finally made a huge progress with my Czech!

Reviewed by user 27.09.2014
I´ve been living in Prague for a few years now and I´ve been taking Czech lessons on and off since I came here. I would always be very enthusiastic in the beginning but give it up after a few lessons. It was partly due to my ignorance and laziness and partly because of the teachers I had. Everything changed when I found SmartCharla Tutoring and Coaching and met Pavlina in person. I was impressed by her profound linguistic knowledge and her... read more