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You are very busy, however, you would like to speak Czech? NO PROBLEM!

Graduated Charles Uni teacher saves your time and comes to your office. First two lessons free of charge.NEW! Czech via Skype.

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Teacher in all senses!

posted by Айгерим Жумадилова
09:09:21 13/08/2017

Hana is a kind of a teacher who teaches in a responsible manner with all her heart. Her way of teaching is an individual approach to learning depending on your psychological characteristics. It's always interesting, effectively and fun. For less than a year i learned with her not only the grammar of the language and how to confidently speak on it, but also how to successfully communicate with people in Czech Republic being fearless, polite and positive. Learn Czech with Hana, it's the best choice! Aigerim


posted by Günter Getzinger
19:07:54 09/08/2017

Folks, believe me: With Hana you not only learn Czech language most efficiently, you also - if you want, but I think, you should - get a deeper insight into Prague, Czech Republic, Czech culture, and behaviour of the Czech people. You will love it, you will love them! And you will need it if you want to survive in this beautiful town and country!


posted by Anonymous
11:11:09 19/09/2014

With Hana learning Czech was very efficient and productive, but it was also fun. Keep it up, Dekuji moc, Andi

Simply Perfect!

posted by Anonymous
13:01:27 21/02/2014

Hana is a great professional. She knows how to turn learning routine into interesting lessons. After attending her classes you will start speaking Czech. I did. Thank you, Hana!

Great experience! With Hana you'd speak Czech easily!

posted by Anonymous
10:10:31 06/12/2013

Hana, you are the best!!! I've been attending cz lessons lead by Hana for over 2 years. She makes her lessons always fun and at the same time very informative. She has explained so many Czech traditions to understand locals more. Besides, Hana has adopted to our needs offering more communication, or more grammar the other days. She is highly responsible and always well prepared to each class. If you are looking for a reliable teacher and interesting lessons - go for Czech classes with Hana! Ekaterina