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The Central and Eastern European (CEE) economies are showing some of the highest predicted growth rates amongst European and OECD member countries. On the verge of EU enlargement, these countries are growing at a faster rate than the EU itself.

External investors have been attracted by rapidly developing national industries, highly skilled workforces and significant new markets. An ability to respond quickly to these opportunities is fundamental to businesses. Law firms cannot be exempt from this.

At DLA Weiss-Tessbach we differentiate ourselves by our speed of response and our desire to put you first.

In preparation for EU integration industries in this region are being reformed and liberalised, bringing significant changes and opportunities in the telecommunications, post, energy, transport and pharmaceuticals sectors.

While doing business across this region is easier than ever, understanding local markets is key to optimising new and existing markets and opportunities.

Currently over 80 lawyers strong, we have offices in Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. DLA Weiss-Tessbach offers a full service, locally led law firm with international capability, across Europe and Asia.

Our lawyers specialise in all aspects of business law and regularly advise on cross-border transactions.

If your interests in this region are part of international operations we can support you in 20 countries worldwide through DLA and the DLA Group offices. Our lawyers specialise in all aspects of business law and regularly transact on a cross-border basis.

I welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our team whose expertise includes the following:

Banking, finance and project finance
Commercial law
Corporate, mergers & acquisitions
Human resources
Intellectual property
Public law
Real estate

Weiss-tessbach Rechtsanwalte

Manesova 5, Praha 2, 12000

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