Law Office of JUDr. Phdr. Oldrich Chodera & comp.

Narodni trida 25, Praha 1, 11000

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The Law Office of JUDr.PhDr. Oldřich Choděra & comp. was established on July 1, 1990 immediately after the Act No. 128/1990 of Coll. facilitating private performance of the bar had come into effect.

Some of our lawyers, however, have had many years of previous experience in providing legal services. While others have had diverse experience in areas of practice such as at courts, with different ministries, commercial companies, etc.

Our attorneys use not only their theoretical and practical knowledge of law, legal regulations, judicial decisions, but also do their best to tap their life experience and professional expertise from wide variety of other disciplines in order to successfuly resolve the issues faced by our clients.

Law Office of JUDr. Phdr. Oldrich Chodera & comp.

Narodni trida 25, Praha 1, 11000

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Simply unprofessional

Reviewed by Maxs 03.03.2010 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
First time I've seen so unprofessional services. I was suspicious at the first fact that you can reserve the visit so easy, they have plenty of available time. Anyway I was almost outraged how unprofessional they treat the cases. The person we dealt with didn't even bother to read a short 3 pages contract attentively to get a clear image of the case. Wasted an hour on some crap talks there to find out that a lawyer knows less than we already... read more

pass this one up

Reviewed by user 31.10.2005
This law office did in no way "successfuly resolve the issues faced". The firm does, however, take a keen interest in making sure their bills are paid in advance for services NOT rendered. The major players do NOT speak English.