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Law can be practiced differently. My way of working is based on good communication with clients, effective and timely legal solutions.

I believe that I can offer completely different approach to provision of legal services, flexibility, beneficial conditions, moreover, my comfortable office premises.

I am freelance advocate based in Prague. I have been working with foreigners and refugees already since 2003, when I had been working for several NGOs in the Czech Republic as well as in the Netherlands. That is actually the reason I focus now within my advocacy practice on the provision of complex legal services to foreigners, as well as Czech persons and companies in English.

I graduated my master studies at the Faculty of Law, Charles University in Prague. I completed a one year study of Human Rights and Criminal Justice at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. I have worked as an Associate at two law firms in Prague. My main focus was on cases with international elements. In 2011- 2012 I worked as an in-house lawyer in a Consultancy/IT Company in the Netherlands.

I speak English at a professional level and I communicate in Dutch, as well as I have a knowledge of German and French (both passive at the moment) which can be advantageous.

I mostly specialize in cases with international element and cases where foreign law or language is concerned.

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JUDr. A. van der Weerden really helped me with all my family law and custody issues.

posted by David Porteous
20:08:04 27/08/2018

I hired JUDr. A. van der Weerden (Anna) to help with what proved to be a very lengthy and nasty divorce. At numerous times I was worried I would lose everything including and most importantly my 2 children. As an expat American man living in Prague and at the time married to a Czech woman with 2 young children together I was unsure of process or even the potential of an acceptable outcome. I first found Anna by reading multiple good reviews of her and now it’s my turn to add my thoughts and perhaps help someone else make a decision on legal representation that will help them get through a difficult time. Anna was a beacon of hope for me at a time when my options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed impossible. Her calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional comfort and hope throughout the process. At the same time, in and out of the court room, Anna was extremely professional, knowledgeable, responsive in her approach and very aggressive when necessary. Despite the unbelievable emotional and challenging times Anna kept me calm, focused and well informed of the best options and directions to take throughout the process. By far Anna is a great family law attorney and the best attorney to engage for the scary and emotional process of divorce. I was represented better than I could have ever imagined and in the end, I am eternally grateful for her service and I highly recommend JUDr. A. van der Weerden. In short if you want a great family law attorney, hire JUDr. A. van der Weerden as your divorce lawyer.

Child Custody/ Divorce

posted by Vanessa Oliveira
13:01:52 03/08/2018

I was 100 % satisfied with JUDr. Anna services and I would recommend her to anyone because she was very proactive, extremely knowledgeable of the law, responded to all ways of communication immediately. Anna truly cares about her clients and has a sincere interest in looking out for the client's best interest. Thank you for all your help and patience during my divorce and custody battle. You made the most difficult time of my life a little easier, which myself and my parents greatly appreciate.

Legal Services

posted by Rolf Rue
10:10:05 14/12/2017

Very good English Very good advice Very good support Very good strategy Very good litigation Very good pleading Very good outcome Very strongly recommended!

Professional and smooth

posted by Theofanis Oikonomou
15:03:28 02/10/2017

I chose Anna to be my divorce lawyer by reading the comments here, so now that everything is over I can make my review and maybe somebody might find this helpful. I am really satisfied with her work and I can definitely recommend her. She replied to me in a prompt manner via mail, mobile, skype you name it, even while she was a new mother. Her advise was always to the point, explaining as much as possible about the outcome and the process to be followed, to someone totally unfamiliar to Czech laws. Most importantly though, she made sure that I was not deprived of my rights as a father and so I was able to see my daughter during the whole period. Of course no guarantees can be made in these matters, so I really cannot understand what more can be expected from a lawyer. The whole process can be prolonged by the other party, as it happened in my case with my ex-wife, but I cannot blame Anna for not acting properly. In fact she was really knowledgeable of the whole process and always advised me on what needs to be done to get results. She was always well prepared for any meeting or hearing no matter if it was with the social services, the judge or the appeal court. Very professional and really outstanding performance especially when it mattered the most which was of course inside the court room. Taking care of less important matters like translating or legalizing documents, court decisions etc was also done seamlessly.

Excellent international lawyer

posted by Ally Lloyd
09:09:40 15/08/2017

I have no hesitation in recommending Anna to anyone with legal problems. She dealt with my case via Skype calls and emails very efficiently. Incredible! What she achieved for me I didn't think was possible. I consider myself really lucky to have met her and have her represent me. She is not only experienced and professional but also a lovely sympathetic person. Would certainly use her services again.