Advokatni kancelar Haslinger/ Nagele & Partner v.o.s.

Bozdechova 2, Praha 5, 15000

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Haslinger/ Nagele & Partner
are a partnership of commercial and company lawyers having locations in Linz, Vienna, and Prague.
The law firm is a considerable part of the Austrian economy and represents interests of clients at home and abroad beyond the Austrian borders in Eastern, Middle and Western Europe. This is due to its own law office in Prague on the one hand that has excellent connections for investors in Middle and Eastern Europe and to increasing cases as regards international arbitration proceedings and competition processes on the other hand.

The strength of Haslinger/ Nagele & Partner lies in the specialization on advice and representation in all substantial areas of private and public, Austrian and European commercial law; this particularly includes company law, competition and cartel law, industrial and environmental law.

Haslinger/ Nagele & Partner have efficient cooperative structures to important tax consultants bureaus and auditing companies; furthermore, they are experienced professionals as regards international cases, being supported by reliable foreign correspondent law firms (cooperations).

International orientation
We have followed the globalisation of our clients by forming a network of law with whom we act in close cooperation. Thus we are able to rely on equally specialized partners who work according to the same high quality standards on the basis of proven mutual trust. As regards Europe we have intensified our cooperation with the ARCON Group (Rechtsanwälte Schmidt-Sibeth Heisse Weisskopf Kursawe with offices in Munich, Berlin, Erfurt, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg and Brussels). Berwin Leighton Paisner support us in the United Kingdom and Lenz & Staehlin in Switzerland. In the USA we cooperate with Walter Conston, Alexander & Green, the New York office of Alston & Bird LLP. This continuous collaboration and the exchange of experience enable us to find efficient, flexible and practical solutions for our clients abroad.

Advokatni kancelar Haslinger/ Nagele & Partner v.o.s.

Bozdechova 2, Praha 5, 15000

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