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What does ExIure mean?
It means “on the base of law” and it is a trademark under which we operate.

Why so?
Because our job is finding suitable solutions for you on the base of law, but with necessary experience and with a responsive approach. ExIure provides legal support to your day-to-day business as well as in difficult situations that life brings.

How do we approach our clients?
When you get in touch with us by phone or via email, we would organize an initial chat - either via phone or preferably face-to-face in our office close to Náměstí Míru - in order to see whether we can help you with your issue. If yes, we will give you an indication of what the costs of our consultation are likely to be. There is no obligation on your part to employ our services after the initial discussion. Do not hesitate to contact us directly at office@exiure.cz or +420 603 852 072.

We provide legal services in diverse branches of law, especially:
 Contract law, claims stemming from contracts or torts
 International private law
 Family law (prenuptial agreements, divorces, care of children)
 Labor law (relations between employees and employers, HR management)
 Real estate law
 Law of unfair competition
 Compensation for damages
 Corporate law (setting up of corporation, compliance programs, corporate governance)
 Intellectual property law
 Protection of constitutional rights, incl. data protection, personal data protection

About the team

ExIure was established on 1th of January 2014 by Martina Jankovská, when she decided to start her own law practice - after more than 20 years of experience in international law firms in leading positions. Pavla Vacková joined ExIure in January 2017.

Martina graduated in Law at the Charles University in Prague in 1993 and she received her PhD in Law 4 years later; before that Martina also graduated in Economics. Since her early career, Martina worked in the Czech-Austrian law firm Czerwenka&Partner in Brno and after moving to Prague she became a partner in an international law firm SCWP Schindhelm. Martina deals with the law of business corporations, labor law, IP protection, IT law, data protection law and the dispute agenda. Besides her native Czech, Martina speaks German, English and Russian.

Before joining advocacy in 2015, Pavla gained experience in the legal department of the government business and trade promotion agency of the Czech Republic – CzechTrade, and later in international law firms. Pavla graduated at the Charles University in Prague in Law and in Chinese studies. She specializes in international private law, family law, contracts, law of unfair competition and corporate law. Pavla’s native language is Czech, she speaks German, English and Chinese.

We are proud to provide pro bono legal services for the ROTARY INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT 2240 Česká a Slovenská republika https://www.rotary2240.org/district-2240/cs/ and for the music festival EVERLASTING HOPE: Gustav Mahler & Terezin Composers http://www.vecnanadeje.cz/.


Varšavská 714/38, Praha 2, 12000

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