Dvorak & spol.

Tynska 12, Praha 1, 11000

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The law firm of Dvorak & spol. was established in 2003. Both partners have practiced law for several years in international and leading Czech law firms and have extensive experience in the field of commercial and corporate law. Areas of practice on which we focus include commercial and corporate law, real estate, employment and litigation.

We are lawyers who understand what is required in practical business life. We know that legal advice is not important on its own but that its value lies in helping our clients achieve their objectives as efficiently as possible. We follow this principle in our practice and strive to provide our clients with the security and support they need in their business activities.

Our goal is always to find a pragmatic and cost effective legal solution to a particular problem or situation. We offer a standard of legal services that you would expect to receive from leading law firms, including the capacity to provide legal services in English, German and Italian, and, at the same time, flexibility and tailored, commercially focused advice.

The lawyers in our office create an efficient and balanced team enabling us to provide top quality legal services with reasonable fees. Our clients include both Czech and multinational corporations operating in the Czech Republic and individuals.

Dvorak & spol.

Tynska 12, Praha 1, 11000

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