Brzobohaty Broz & Honsa, v.o.s.

Klimentska 10, Praha 1, 11000

  • Landline+420 234091355


Brzobohatý Brož & Honsa, v.o.s. is one of the most significant Czech law offices. Formally established in the year 2000, it continues forth from the business of a leading international law firm, which had been operating in the Czech Republic since 1990.

BBH provides legal and advisory services specialising in the fields of commercial law, corporate law, banking, capital markets, financial law, real estate law, intellectual property law, as well as patent and trade mark registration and protection. BBH operates with expertise in the forums of litigation, international arbitration proceedings and criminal proceedings.

With its team of 30 lawyers specialised in numerous fields of law and equipped with earned professional experience and qualification, BBH provides its clients with top quality legal services. Services are rendered in the Czech, English, German, French and Russian languages.

Brzobohaty Broz & Honsa, v.o.s.

Klimentska 10, Praha 1, 11000

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