Mgr. Lucia Šoralová, Attorney at Law

Ovocný trh 573/12, Praha 1, 11000

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At Law Office Šoralová we believe that legal services shall be available to everyone. We provide professional services for ideal price, personal approach, flexibility and effort to reach the best possible solution of client´s situation. Our goals are the ultimate protection of rights of our client and his or her satisfaction.

We provide legal services in various fields of law, with focus on Real Estate, Civil Law including Family Law, Commercial Law, Labor Law, Residency issues of foreigners, Court Litigation including Debt Recovery, Execution and Insolvency Proceedings, and also Contracts.

Above specified list of available services is only demonstrative, thus please feel free to contact us should you have any other requests. We provide legal services in English, Czech and Slovak language.

Mgr. Lucia Šoralová, Attorney at Law

Ovocný trh 573/12, Praha 1, 11000

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Outstanding service and support

Reviewed by user 21.08.2022
Lucia provided me with fantastic advice and support throughout my case, offering help well beyond what I would have expected. In all matters, she was professional, knowledgeable and proactive, while also demonstrating an understanding and approachable manner. It was a great relief to have someone like Lucia to represent me, and I am extremely grateful for her hard work and expertise on my behalf.

Effiient, helpful and professional

Reviewed by Orestis Tsaggos 17.02.2022
Lucia provided me her legal support in two real estate cases. She was extremely helpful , meticulous with high level of professionalism. She is fluent English speaker and excellent communicator. I highly recommend her for legal advice and definitely for real estate cases.

Excellent help with real estate purchase

Reviewed by Vlad L 25.02.2021
I needed Lucia's services to help me with an apartment purchase in Prague. I am not speaking Czech and the whole process was a bit complicated. Lucia provided excellent service and I felt I was walked through each step of the process and fed with helpful advice and explanations along the way. She is diligent, informative and trusty, she even contacted me with some additional support after she completed her work. She helped me to get confidence... read more

Professional and efficient

Reviewed by Michael La 15.12.2020
We had problems with our landlord, who did not return our deposit at the end of the lease period. Lucia was extremely helpful and informative. After assessing correctly the situation, we followed her advise, went to court and won. The hall process took more then a year after we left Czech Republic and Lucia was there for of our legal needs. We are very grateful for Lucia's efforts and highly recommend her services.

Thorough and patient

Reviewed by Gabriella Fele 17.07.2019
The last thing you want is to need a lawyer abroad. But there are situations where you just can't avoid having one. I really wasn't lucky with my first employer (I guess you can say that when you need to hire a lawyer just for being able to quit). And I really was lucky when I found Lucia. She is prepared, thorough and most importantly stayes calm when you can't. Always on top, great and quick in communication, her English is perfect. I am... read more

Skillful and reassuring

Reviewed by Leo Leo 25.09.2018
Lucia is a very skillful attorney, who will support and reassure you from the first moment you meet her. She helped me counter the illegal actions of my former employer who tried to fire me and later refused to pay my annual holidays. Lucia patiently sent letters and threatened them with court action, until they gave up and paid every single cent they had to pay. I would strongly recommend Lucia to anyone who has problems with their employers.

Highly professional and polite attitude

Reviewed by Theodoros Ntouvalis 15.10.2017
I had the pleasure to collaborate with Mgr. Lucia Šoralová for a medical malpractice case of mine. Her high professionalism and kindness made me feel more confident and secure about the proper handling of my case. From the very first moment she was straight honest to me regarding the possible outcome of that case which was something that it was highly appreciated. She was keen to investigate in a further extend all the evidences that I gave to... read more

Professional Service

Reviewed by Georgios Marmatakis 01.06.2017
Lucia Soralova assisted me in purchasing a flat in Prague. I was stressed about the purchasing process, having read that it is slow and that lots of foreigners were scammed. Lucia made everything clear for me and assisted me every step of the way. As I do not speak Czech this was very important to me. She was diligent and helpful all the way. Her whole attitude during the process made me feel safe. She also assisted me with the rental... read more

Excellent Advice and Service

Reviewed by Andy Broughton 01.09.2016
Lucia Šoralová provided my wife and I with excellent legal advice and service when we purchase our house in Czech Republic last year. It was the first time either of us had purchase property in Czech and I don't speak any Czech. It was also a complex purchase. Having Lucia represent our interests allowed us to complete the purchase with the reassurance that everything had been done correctly by all parties. If you need an English speaking... read more