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AKCENT International House Prague organizes TEFL courses for English teachers such as the Cambridge CELTA, DELTA, TKT, IHCYLT, IHBET and methodology courses for teachers of other languages. We offer Czech for Foreigners, English, German, Spanish, French Russian and Chinese courses. AKCENT IH Prague (since 1990) has grown to be one of the largest private language schools in the Czech Republic. AKCENT IH Prague is an accredited platinum centre for the Cambridge English exams (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE , BEC and YLE ) as well as an accredited member of EAQUALS.

Would you like to teach English abroad and need an EFL qualification? The Cambridge CELTA is by far the best known and most widely taken initial teacher training course. The only school that runs TEFL CELTA – the most respected TEFL qualification in Prague,Czech Republic, is AKCENT International House Prague. When doing CELTA in Prague you are guaranteed that your course is running to an approved syllabus, your trainers are all highly experienced AND have been trained to tutor you. All the courses cost about the same price but only the CELTA can guarantee you are employable all around the world as a teacher of English.

Czech for Foreigners - Standard Courses
AKCENT IH Prague offers standard semester Czechcoursesfor foreigners which are suitable for people staying in the Czech Republic for a longer time and want to learn Czech on a regular basis. The advantage of this type of course is its systematic structure, regularity and time to “digest” and practise the new language in every day situations outside of the classroom.

Czech Study Summer
Would you like to study Czech during summer?We offer a 3 week language and culture programmefor foreigners. It is designed for students of all levels. The course consists of 72 lessons divided into morning and afternoon classes. The morning programme focuses on creating and developing language communicative and grammatical skills. The afternoon programme offers practical language activities, songs, quizzes and games.

Czech for Foreigners - Intensive 3 Week Courses
A language programme designed for students of all levels. The Czechcourse consists of 60 lessons which focus on creating and developing communicative and grammatical language skills. Number of students per group: 4 – 8 Tuition: Monday-Friday, 8:45 - 12:00

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posted by Anonymous
16:04:45 12/02/2006

I'm currently enrolled in the Akcent intensive course that runs from 1/30-2/17. I am considering continuning at Akcent if my schedule allows. The intensive program is more pricey at 10,000kc for the 3 week program but it is 3.25 hours every day 5 days a week so per hour it actually is about the same, maybe even cheaper (I compared to many others SF, London, Noisis etc). For someone who has the time to spend every morning in class this is a great option. The facilites are very nice, and the staff are all very helpful. There is a cafe in the buildings as well as plenty vending machines in other areas. The class sizes are perfect for practicing and learning, my class has 7 students. Radios, TVs, and games provide additional learning. The only negative to this class is that the text book isn't ideal. It can be a little frustrating at times as there are many words used in the book that are nowhere defined in the lessons. Students in my class agreed to this problem. The teachers make up for this oversight by adding additional vocabulary and being available to answer the many questions everyone has. Ultimately a great choice to get started, but if you're taking the intensive class with zero background in Czech be prepared to spend some additional hours studying!

Don't waste your time

posted by Michael.Koperniak
19:07:55 07/02/2015

Akcent boasts to be the only school in Prague who offers the CELTA certificate. That doesn't make them qualified to offer the programme. Cambridge is totally full of themselves thinking that their programme is superior to all others and that they are beyond criticism. Akcent blindly ticked boxes during the one-month 120-hour course. If you dared to venture outside those boxes you failed. I have 16 years of teaching experience and never had an issue teaching a class. I was granted a weak pass by Akcent which according to Cambridge was a failure. Total waste of time and money. I learned nothing that I can actually apply in a real classroom. This is a money grabbing attempt on Cambridge's part. People need to wake up and realise this.