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Who We Are
We are a professional cat sitting service focusing on cat sitting directly at your home. Our team consists of experienced cat sitters who are huge cat lovers.® was established in 2011 and we operate 365 days a year.

Why Cat Sitting Instead of a Cat Hotel?
Cats are animals that are bound to the space that they live in – your home. They feel safe there because they are used to all the smells and secluded spaces. Leaving your cat in a cat hotel (even the most luxurious one) can be a very stressful experience for them.

Our Vision
Your passion for cats no longer limits your travelling, because while you are away, they are attended by professional cat sitters, who you can fully trust.

How Does It Work?
Our representative will meet you to collect all of the necessary information, fill in the checklist and to pick up your keys. While you are away we will carry out the tasks noted in our checklist and after your return we will deliver your keys back.

Areas Covered
We provide cat sitting services in Prague. Other locations negotiable.

We Have Insurance
We have full liability insurance with Ceska pojistovna.

GPS Verified Service
If you wish we can send you a GPS report generated by an independent Google Play App from each visit.

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great solution

posted by Anonymous
10:10:01 17/09/2014

> Martina from catsitting was wonderful , the cats were more than well looked after , they looked great and well taken care of . I got a nice sms every day about how they were , including photos , so I knew they were well while I was away . Not only were the cats very well taken care of , so was the apartment . > I would not hesitate to use her services again , and warmly recommend her . > A wonderful idea and solution , not only better for me , but also the cats , who could stay home and not have to languish in a pet center . > Many thanks , > Edwin Smits

Great cat sitting service

posted by kit
11:11:28 01/08/2013 provide a really great professional service for your cats. The sitters are very caring and reliable, and keep in contact with you while you are away...I would highly recommend this service...

Great care for my elderly cats

posted by Cassandra Wilson
16:04:08 21/07/2017

We were very nervous when we moved to Prague in 2014 as to how our pets would be cared for when we were travelling abroad. We found Catsit who immediately responded to our request and concerns for a cat sitter, consequently we have used them since. Catsit gave us updates every visit with photos and messages to keep us assured that all was well, which we looked forward to especially when travelling for long periods abroad. We have had Eliska and Lenka who have come in been very good at medicating our elderly cats who have renal failure and are sad that we have to say goodbye to return to the United Kingdom. If your pets are your babies like ours are to us, Catsit is definitely the company to use