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Enterprise Services provides IT consulting and professional services to a wide range of customers in the public and private sectors with a focus on GDPR compliance, Identity Management, and Security.

Our professional services and consulting involve technology implemented on premise, as a hybrid solution, or cloud-based. Leveraging our strategic partner relationships with the industry leading vendors.

GDPR requirements change the way you process, store, and protect customers’ personal data. Companies need solutions for assessing, implementing, and maintaining GDPR compliance, and that’s where our most popular GDPR software tools and solutions come help our customer. We have cloud and on-premises solutions, and we included a few free assessment tools to give you a launching point for GDPR compliance. Our solution provides security tools, assessment, data governance & management tools, and user consent & compliance tools.

Enterprise Services, s.r.o.

Pobřežní 249/46, Praha 8, 18600

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