ICT-GROUP s.r.o.

Dolnoměcholupská 1418/12 1418/12, Praha 10, 10200

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IT experts with an exquisite approach = MORE THAN IT!

We’ll take care of your IT. Reliably, in good quality and with a bit of exaggeration we can say, in good conscience, that also with love. We can become a part of the team of your internal IT administrators and look after highly specialized IT systems or we can provide for the needs of the whole IT.

It’s not necessary for you to be a multinational firm but you can be. We have experience with really demanding clients like OneManShow, and also with really huge ones. We specialize in remote branches of multinational companies where we provide user support in English language.

We offer you simply the perfect care of your IT.

We will outline and help you with a choice of IT equipment / IT systems
We will deliver, install and make everything work
We will provide you with a regular supervision and service
We provide support both for end-users and administrators

ICT-GROUP s.r.o.

Dolnoměcholupská 1418/12 1418/12, Praha 10, 10200

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