Expats Internet Care

anywhere in Czech Republic anywhere in Czech Republic, Praha, 11000

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- NEW: already for 399 CZK / month
- NEW: Get 500 CZK BONUS! (just type "BONUS 500 CZK" on my website www.wenke.cz)
- NEW: ONLINE IMMEDIATELY (paid service)
- I'll come to you, explain all details, sign a contract and book installation appointment. All that in your home, you don't have to go anywhere OR
- you can order online on my website www.wenke.cz
- I speak English, German, Czech ...ALL FOR FREE
- See also reviews from my satisfied customers
- You don't have to wait in lines, to fight with Czech web sites, Czech emails, Czech text messages, to worry with non english speaking operators...
- I'll advice you and provide you with the whole process of ordering and installing internet.
- You don't have to do anything - just to meet me or fill in my order form online. I will do all the work needed on your behalf.
- It's for free, you dont pay anything to me. I get a comission from the provider.


Expats Internet Care

anywhere in Czech Republic anywhere in Czech Republic, Praha, 11000

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Great service and patience

Reviewed by Brandon.Wint 08.12.2014
I don't know what James is saying, I used Jan and he was helpful through the process and did not push me to take anything and explained all costs clearly. Invoices and so on we're also prompt and clear. He advised me before arriving in Prague and after I decided on an apartment, came to my office for the contract signings. I then had an engineer the day I moved in set me up so I had Internet and tv on my first day. Without doing anything.... read more


Reviewed by James Murtagh 05.09.2014
DO NOT GO WITH THIS MAN. He tried to charge us 2000 deposit and for a brand new router when we already had a new netgear one. Smelled a rat and disscussed with a few people at work. Went to the O2 shop and they said that no deposit is needed, my router will work AND it is cheaper. DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN

Just amazing! Thank you again!

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 25.08.2014
I contacted Jan after I moved to Prague and had a bad experience with an other internet provider and finally remained witthout Internet. Just the same day I contacted Jan, he already came to see me with a prepared contract answering all the questions I had. And what can I say - honesty, I don't know how he managed - but within days I received the modem and a technician came by! I can just highly recommend Jan from the bottom of my heart! He is... read more


Reviewed by Expats.cz user 15.08.2014
I find it hard to find the words to actually verbalize my astonishment with Jan's service. I didn't even move from my laptop, he took care of everything. Promptly, effectively, without even a scratch. Cost me zero. He even went as far as sending me an English list of all the viable internet options and responded to my e-mail in the middle of the night, going waaay out of his way. Hat's down to the man! My by far best experience in... read more

The Man with the "Plan"

Reviewed by Justin Toft 06.08.2014
Outstanding in his abilities to provide us with all of our needs for cell phone, internet, and TV services... A+++ - Highly Recommended!!!

Excellent & very accommodating

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 07.07.2014
Five years ago I first moved to Prague and it took 5 frustrating long months to get internet. After a 6 month leave, I returned to Prague and needed to get internet again. This time I decided to hire Jan Wenke. Wow! I am so glad I did because just one week after contacting him, we had internet! Jan was so accommodating and his services are amazing! I highly recommend him!

amazing service!

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 26.02.2014
Jan provided a really good and fast service. I recommend it and if you need an internet provider just contact him, you won't regret......

Excellent assistance

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 16.12.2013
I strongly recommend to use Jan’s assistance. He helped me with choosing suitable offering of UPC and answered all my questions. He filled contract and arranged the date for the technician. My case was not usual. Another active user of UPC was assigned to my flat. Jan called UPC and helped to transfer that user to another flat number. First visit of technician was not successful. Jan have arranged for me another appointment and now I... read more

Really helpful

Reviewed by c3cowork 14.11.2013
We contacted this service for our business and it was really nice and helpful. I definitely recommend this service for everybody who don't speak Czech or are not sure what Internet Provider choose. Thanks again ! Anthony Chevalier www.c3cowork.com

Strongly Recommended

Reviewed by whey 04.10.2013
I was O2 client and now I move to UPC because they offers higher speed with lower price. I am feeling lucky that I got Jan's help, because the whole process is really not easy, I don't think I could figure it out without Jan. I reserved almost 2 months for O2 to terminate there service, however the time was still not enough for UPC to finish their installation because they need to communicate with the house management company. Jan made a lot... read more


Reviewed by Expats.cz user 02.10.2013
Thanks to Jan's help I finally have a high speed Internet connection. It took a bit longer (4 weeks) until the provider made the installation but now I'm very happy. Thank you Jan!

Great Service in English

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 03.09.2013
Jan, was very helpful and friendly answering all my stupid questions about the internet, cables, routers and sockets on the wall etc. Best of all his service was free. he was able to talk be through the best service for my needs.

Very professional service!

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 19.08.2013
Jan has a very professional approach and a very deep understanding of the internet providers market in Prague. He will come with different solutions to any problem. And all for free! Thank you Jan! I owe you one! :-)

Excellent service

Reviewed by Conlin 15.08.2013
I found it difficult to choose an ISP but Internet Wenke has all the latest information, knows the best deals for your situation and even arranges for the technician to call if needed. Highly recommended.

very helpful

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 06.02.2013
He was very helpful explaining the different offerings of UPC and which would fit me need best. Filled the contract for me and explained each part. just had to sign it. He also arranged the date for the technician for me.