Expats Internet Care

anywhere in Czech Republic anywhere in Czech Republic, Praha, 11000

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- NEW: already for 399 CZK / month
- NEW: Get 500 CZK BONUS! (just type "BONUS 500 CZK" on my website www.wenke.cz)
- NEW: ONLINE IMMEDIATELY (paid service)
- I'll come to you, explain all details, sign a contract and book installation appointment. All that in your home, you don't have to go anywhere OR
- you can order online on my website www.wenke.cz
- I speak English, German, Czech ...ALL FOR FREE
- See also reviews from my satisfied customers
- You don't have to wait in lines, to fight with Czech web sites, Czech emails, Czech text messages, to worry with non english speaking operators...
- I'll advice you and provide you with the whole process of ordering and installing internet.
- You don't have to do anything - just to meet me or fill in my order form online. I will do all the work needed on your behalf.
- It's for free, you dont pay anything to me. I get a comission from the provider.


Expats Internet Care

anywhere in Czech Republic anywhere in Czech Republic, Praha, 11000

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You can trust Wenke

Reviewed by Daniel Vangberg 25.05.2019
Are you new in Prague? Need to get online? Don’t understand Czech? Having difficulties figuring out what product is right for you? Internet Wenke is the answer! The guys from Internet Wenke will help you decide which provider and what product suits you best. They will guide you through the sign-up, send you reminders and follow up through the process. They truly provide a safe and “beyond the call of duty” service. I highly recommend Internet... read more

Great and timely support

Reviewed by Shashidharan Shanmugam 27.12.2018
I recently moved to Prague and took an apartment at Praha 6. As usual, had to struggle with Czech language. But i was referred to Jan Wenke by my real estate agent to support in getting Internet connection. Jan contacted me and guided step by step procedure in getting Internet (UPC) asap. I would highly recommend his services for those who are lost and also those who need quick support. Thanks, Shashi

Thank you!

Reviewed by Patricia Torres-Burd 22.10.2018
I was not in Prague and preparing to relocate, move in, and start a new project in the span of 2 days. Your process was so easy and helpful! THANK YOU!

Excellent support

Reviewed by Sylvain Courault 12.02.2017
A czech woman gave me this contact to help me for my internet set up. His job was excellent, he helped me during the steps of subscription until the appointment with the technician. He is efficient and always available for some information. Don't hesitate to contact him.

It's very simple way!

Reviewed by Ryung Eun Kim 20.07.2016
Mr. Jan will arrange everything for you as contracts. Don't worry!! :D

Excellent support and work !!

Reviewed by Jeremy Gajda 06.06.2016
I contacted him from Canada and set up everything online via email. Once I arrived in Prague and contacted him to let him know I was there, everything was alreadysetup for the first day in our new apartment. The time, the date, the equipment, everything was done. Why anyone would try this on their own, or use anyone else is a wonder! Jan is the man!!


Reviewed by LM.Fleming 29.04.2016
Arranged the internet setup from Canada in August 2015. Very helpful and made my move to Prague very easy! Thanks!

The Best Connection in Praha

Reviewed by Kevin Glanville 06.01.2016
Jan is an extremely knowledgeable, professional, courteous and approachable guy who goes the extra mile to deliver a service that is second to none. He explains everything in detail and follows up throughout the process to ensure that everything happens on schedule. If you want to get connected in Prague, don't go anywhere else. Go to Jan, put your feet up and wait for the magic to happen.

Extremely helpful, would recommend to anyone

Reviewed by Sneh Shah 31.12.2015
Mr Wenke is the go-to-guy for anyone trying to set up an internet connection for their home in Prague. He genuinely does all of the hard work leaving you to only be present for the installation of the internet at your house. Our internet was installed within 5 days of our first email to Jan. He is efficient and always looking for ways to improve his flawless customer service. I cannot speak highly enough of his service, which I would gladly... read more

High recommendations for Mr. Jan Wenke

Reviewed by Antonija Katusic 22.09.2015
So, you are new in town/country and have no clue where to start with the internet and TV providers. If you want those to be connected and installed effortlessly and efficiently - Jan is the man to contact. My experience was very pleasant and most importantly - everything went exactly as agreed. Thanks, Jan.

Excellent service in English

Reviewed by Christopher Montel 08.09.2015
Thanks to Mr Wenke I had my Internet set up in a little more than a weeks, when it should have taken much longer due to a breakdown in the Internet providers's system. He arranged for a meeting with the technician in record time as he was able to get me a freed spot that someone else had cancelled. I'd still be in an Internet café right if it hadn't been for him. And just to make it clear, it IS absolutely FREE, no added cost.

Need a sound, reliable, professional English Speaker to help you with your Internet in Prague ? Call Mr Wenke!

Reviewed by Christopher Montel 07.09.2015
It would have taken weeks, if not months for me to get an Internet connection in Prague, if it hadn't been for Mr Wenke. Mr Wenke is a representative for the two major Internet providers in Prague. He will help you out with all the registration steps (numerous and totally impossible to understand if you don't speak czech) for FREE, since he is not paid by the customer but by the companies for the newcomers he brings to them. He is prompt... read more

Top Class Service at no added cost

Reviewed by Agatino Pesce 02.07.2015
Jan is the internet Angel. I could not have managed subscribing to DSL without him. He is kind, patient and very skilled. Followed me step by step through the full process until I was actually able to navigate. Believe me, the process is not so easy because you will receive many communication in Czech, the provider has his own issue with the process and without Jan it would have been a mess. If this is not enough, it is for free for... read more

Excellent service

Reviewed by Alessandro.Giordano 28.05.2015
Jan took care of all the matters related to my new Internet connection in an extremely professional and quick way, features unfortunately very rare to find here. As I needed a brand new connection, he walked me through all the offers, took care of couple of issues that came up in a professional manner, answered all my inquiries in a fulfilling way and managed to get my connection activated earlier than I expected. Highly recommended (:

Speed and Expertise

Reviewed by Andre Breton's Love Child 23.02.2015
I wanted to wait a month or so after doing business with Jan before writing a review. Now that I have, I can honestly say that Jan is the best. He met me two days after I contacted him and had me up and running in three business days. He explained everything, answered all my questions, and delivered on his promise to expedite matters so I could be connected ASAP. Ignore any negative reviews you may have read, Jan is the real deal. So says I... read more