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The International Montessori School of Prague is a private school serving children aged 15 months to 13 years. We are committed to educating children through the Montessori Method, and are the only school in the Czech Republic to hold an accreditation from the American Montessori Society. Our English immersion program welcomes students of all nationalities and cultural backgrounds to share our joy of learning. The curriculum exceeds all requirements of the Czech Ministry of Education and holds its accreditation, enabling our students to continue in Czech Elementary and Secondary schools; for our international students, we offer Czech for Foreigners courses.

We offer an authentic Montessori education that recognizes the uniqueness of each child as they become self-confident and respectful citizens and leaders in the world.
For every age, the program combines high academic standards with lessons in respect, grace and courtesy, everyday outside play, creative expression and a wide variety of extra curriculars such as dance or yoga. From the youngest age, our students are guided to reach independence, take ownership of their education and be an active participant in their community.

The school's goal is to foster a peaceful, nurturing community where each child is able to reach their fullest potential. Montessori students go on to become self-confident, self-motivated lifelong learners, having built a foundation of problem solving and critical thinking skills and a sense of responsibility for self, others, and the environment. A testament to our academic focus is our graduates' 100% success rate of acceptance into secondary schools of their choice, as well as in sitting the British Council language exams for our non-native English speakers.

We welcome you to visit our website or contact us to learn more about our program, or schedule a tour of our campus.

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posted by Dagmar Novakova
14:02:17 06/12/2018

IMSP is a great place where the teachers don’t play the role of „teachers“ in the traditional way. Instead, they serve as guides for each individual kid on his or her journey to discover how much fun it can be to learn and discover the world where we live. When you attend the class you can see in the kids’ eyes their passion to learn, their ability to cooperate with other kids and adults, and finally the unbelievable easiness of just being in the class. It’s a place where I would love to study myself.

The Best Montessori School for our girls

posted by Žaneta Badlíková
18:06:43 08/11/2018

IMSP is a great school with a very professional approach. What we appreciate the most are the qualified teachers and their individual, kind and loving approach to each child. Our girls love their teachers so much and on Saturdays, they are asking us, if they can go to school. It's the school where you are going to see your kids growing into responsible individuals and shining at the same time! They are motivated to learn new stuff and work on their projects with passion and patience. Our daughters are loving it!

The Best choice of school for our kids-International Montessori School of Prague

posted by Prakash Sadasivan
14:02:39 01/03/2016

We are really happy with the choice we made couple of years back when we decided to enroll our son to the kindergarten at IMSP. He was very happy with the whole team and adapted very quickly with the routine. We are very glad that the team focus not only on the academic development of kids but also on the social and behavioral skills. They also greatly focus on imbibing moral values like being respectful and kind. Our younger son also started off with the toddlers and his transition went very smoothly. We cant thank the team enough for the wonderful support that we have received so far with both our kids. We definitely recommend the school to the parents who are looking for a beautiful environment which can contribute a lot to the upbringing of their kids.

Best school for our boys

posted by Andrea Dudik
20:08:45 05/02/2016

Our three boys have started at the school from when they were toddlers - and have loved every minute of it! The school provides a very supportive and loving environment for our family. Surrounded by superb teachers and supportive staff, our boys have been led to love to learn, read and be very caring and respectful. The school also offers a great variety of after school activities, from cooking, ceramics to dance and judo. There's also a very vibrant and caring parent community that works really well together.

The International Montessori School of Praggue

posted by Petra Hanzlíková
18:06:43 31/01/2016

Our son visits the IMSP since his 18th months. We started with 3 days per week, but this school year we increased the frequency as he really enjoys staying there and makes visible progress in his skills, behaviour and attitude to learn new stuff. We really appreciate how seriously the school approaches to the education of teachers. From what I can see, they have significant amount of trainings, summer courses and generally pay attention to the Montessori methodology. Also, there are a lot of opportunities for parents to be involved in the school activities like workshops or meeting teachers on regular basis. On top of that, probably the most important thing is that our son really likes staying in IMSP and is very happy there.