European Summer School 2012 in Prague

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EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy associated with the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in European Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University is organizing already the tenth year of European Summer School. This summer school is usually very international and diverse - last years it was 52 students from 25 countries from all over the world that successfully graduated.

The European Summer School 2012 (ESS 2012) – Europe At The Crossroads – will focus on current political and economic situation in the European Union and in this context will examine more deeply different policies of the EU and their perspectives (e.g. defence, agriculture, home affairs, energy security, budget, democracy promotions etc.). All teachers participating at ESS 2012 have broad academic and practical experience and will strive to emphasize the standpoints of the Central European Countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia) in the European Union. Participants of the ESS 2012 will learn about and discuss the political and economical challenges the EU is facing in the framework of new institutional structure.

This extraordinary event will provide a great opportunity to share ideas with policy researchers from the Czech Republic carrying out the research on the EU policies. Thanks to the excellent relations and co-operation between EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy and many other organizations, you will have the opportunity to listen to and discuss the views of other experts. Taking part in this summer school you will not only gain the knowledge, but will also become an active designer of policy solutions and strategies.

As a student of the ESS 2012 you will be invited to participate in the process of exchanging thoughts and visions about the roles of Central European countries in shaping the EU policies with experts of the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy and other partners. EU policy analyses completed by the Institute received a high evaluation from both Czech and international policy makers. EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy is a member of the European Policy Institute Network (EPIN) or Policy Association for an Open Society (PASOS) and supports international cooperation for EU policy research and evaluation. (For more information on the research programs please refer to:

Bringing international students to Prague for the intensive ten days programme is intended to be a fruitful academic and cross-cultural experience combining workshops and informal social interaction with your colleagues – students of diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. Living and studying in Prague, one of the most fascinating capitals of Europe, will enable you to explore the richness and beauty of Central European culture. This part of the programme will be organized through a variety of visits and special events. The ESS makes an ideal component of a longer stay in the Czech Republic or other parts of Central and Eastern Europe during your summer of 2012.

European Summer School 2012 in Prague

Rytířská 31, Praha 1, 11000

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