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Center for Talented Minds prepares students aged eleven to graduation for international studies, AP tests / exams and AP Capstone Diploma which are recognized for university admission at home and abroad.

CTM is a roster of online courses that not only allow students to explore subjects they enjoy and might not have access to at their local school but also helps them gain or keep up with their English proficiency and eventually get into a university abroad.

The online courses cover a broad spectrum of subjects from math to creative writing and can be started at 11 years old. Students can study until high school graduation, no matter what local school they're already attending. For students hoping to attend a foreign university, AP courses cover areas typical for the first two years of college, a proven way to prepare for international AP exams.

With the CTM Online program, your child can get international education while going to Czech school and doing our courses and AP exams. Our AP courses are College Board USA approved, meaning your child gets the same education as she would studying these courses/classes at an international school or abroad.

Choosing the right learning path for your child can be challenging – especially when you're living in a foreign country whose system of education may be different from that of your own. Perhaps the biggest questions mark will be how to ensure that your Czech education will translate internationally. You might also worry about language: if your child studies in Czech won't his or her English suffer when it comes time to go to university abroad?

CTM (Center for Talented Minds) is a one-of-a-kind educational service based in the Czech Republic that's designed to address these issues.

CTM can help families select the right courses for their children, and create an academic path to help them achieve internationally recognized AP Capstone Diploma or AP/International Diploma.

Our offering:
Discovery Program for kids 5 - 11 in Czech and English
CTM Online Junior Program
CTM Online Academy
PSAT tests
AP tests / AP exams
AP Capstone Diploma

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Special offer: Arrange academic career meeting

We are happy to make the academic plan for your child with CTM Online program. Send us an email and register for individual academic carrer planning meeting.
Arrange academic career meeting

CTM - Center for Talented Minds

Lohniského 898/1, Praha 5, 15200

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