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American Academy in Prague is the first American high school and middle school in the Czech Republic with the American accreditation. Our know-how comes from the experience of our partner school – the prestigious Foxcroft Academy (, a boarding school in Maine in the USA with almost two-hundred years of tradition. We are founded upon a long-standing tradition of high-quality education. The work of our teachers from all over the world is based on their individualized approach with students. Our goal is to prepare students for a successful and happy life focused on their skills and interests.

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Awesome school

posted by Rahul Wagdarikar
13:01:50 25/01/2018

I vouch for AAP for following reasons - 1) Innovative way of teaching and explaining the concepts 2) Implementing the theoretical concepts into reality to this makes concepts understand quickly, easily and life long 3) Regular assessment to understand where the child stands 4) Personalized attention 5) Friendly environment 6) Awesome staff Rahul

Innovative approaches, co-operative administration, and a lot of possitivenesses to consider

posted by Taher Khojah
18:06:46 10/01/2018

I do believe that it was one of the luckiest times of my life when I enrolled my daughter in the American Academy. My daughter moved with us to Prague in Summer from another country where she had a bad experience in her school there and she almost lost her self-esteem. After few days of attending the American Academy, she started to regain back her beleif in herself and felt very happy to be a member of AA community.when I visited the school later to attend the project of the hounted house which was acheived by the students, I was really surprized with there acheivement. Mr. Mosley, the principal, is very co-operative and supportive. In fact, the whole staff are nice and professional. I do recommend American Academies to parents who look forward to have their child on the right path. I wish American Academy all the best!