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A DESIGN is an architecture and interior design company based in Prague. We can help you with designing your new home, planning the reconstruction of an existing space or just decorating a room, whether it is a house, office or any other type of project.

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very happy with the result

posted by Lydmjla Eng
16:04:29 06/07/2018

very happy with the result I did found Cristina myself. We were searching for solutions with projecting our living room, which was a very difficult task for us, as it is multi-function room, more than 3 functions. Cristina did it for us. she provided lots of options, and we had the possibility to choose. She had patience with me, when I could not decide what I want, and was asking all my questions. We are very satisfied, and I am sure without her help, I would not have managed myself. I definitely recommend, Cristina.

Pleasant, Professional, and Helpful

posted by Marc Babson
19:07:36 20/08/2017

Cristina prepared a Design Concept for our new flat in Prague and the experience was pleasant and exceeded all expectations. My wife and I know nothing about interior design... but we definitely know what we like when we see it and wanted to move into our new home with the feeling that it was designed for us. Of course, we could have tried to just “wing it” and do it ourselves but we wanted something special. After spending so much on a new home, it would be a pity to not have things “fit” together in the end… so we sought help of Cristina after reviewing her profile on Our first meeting was a free consultation. Cristina introduced herself and then she listened. She took time to learn about us, our desires, our likes, our dislikes, our personal lives, our history, and the space we were moving to. At the end of the meeting, she walked us through her personal process and shared a proposal a few days later. The first meeting had giving us a good feeling so we accepted. Cristina then sent us questionnaires and images using online tools. We flagged images we liked and this process helped narrow down a concept that she eventually put to paper. Cristina also took time to visit the flooring, kitchen/bath, and door companies to select the final colors/materials to be used during the construction. Not once did Cristina say things typical of experts (like “you should do it this way”). Her methods, personality, style, insight, and experience proved to be very helpful and led us to a final result we feel is our own, but with a professional touch. We are very happy and we easily recommend Cristina to others looking for that extra help to make their space unique and special.

VERY SATISFY Selecting the perfect Lighting elements for our home

posted by Carolina Castaneda
14:02:04 10/05/2017

I would like to thank Cristina for her professional and accurate support on selecting the lighting for our new apartment. She has a special talent to understand our needs even we did not have them clear at first. With delightful taste, she helped us to select a very stylish, modern and the most important eco-friendly set of lamps that suits all our needs. And last but not least, she sent us different quotations that included her personal feedback so made even easier our decision. We have installed the lamps in our flat and were are very happy. With the correct lamps, our apartment has a lovely atmosphere with right level of brightness.

Creative professional, Great help

posted by Lydia Li
11:11:19 14/06/2016

Cristina helped us to make the reconstruction project of our house. She gave us a lot of recommendations and ideas of how to think about the future and make changes to the house. She also helped us to redesigned the whole interior. We are very happy with her work and highly recommend to work with her.

Highly recommended professional

posted by daniegge
13:01:52 07/04/2015

Cristina helped us visualize and decorate our 2 offices. She understood our needs and created a great concept and we are very happy with the result.