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Health Insurance for Your Visa, Residency Permit and More!
From the First and Largest Health Insurance Company in Czech Republic providing both Private and Public Health Insurance Plans with fast, friendly, and efficient service in ENGLISH at affordable rates.

VZP Comprehensive Health Insurance is Accepted at:

ALL Consulates and Embassies of the Czech Republic worldwide, meeting all of your Visa Requirements
Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic and all regional offices of the Foreign Police for the issuance and renewal of your Residence Permit
ALL hospitals in the Czech Republic

Professional Service and Added Benefits:

FAST Approval and Express Delivery of all Required documents directly to you and to all Consular Officials
FREE Subscription to our exclusive FindaDoctor.cz referral service featuring the Largest Network of English-speaking doctors and specialists
Full Pregnancy and Maternity coverage
24 hour English language helpline
Evening and weekend appointments available
Student, Family and Group discounts
Short-Term Travel Insurance Worldwide
Home, Contents, Property and Liability Insurance

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VZP For Foreigner is a disgraceful, unprofessional waste of ones money!

posted by Kurt Vinion
15:03:17 16/03/2017

Be warned - VZP For Foreigners are simply unprofessional and flat our liars. I have been dealing with Sam F. for over 3 months now due to the new changes in the health care laws for US citizens. The man is impressive when it comes to bs but when it comes to actual results - he has been simply disgraceful. He has mad lots of promises such as offering 'a partial refund' and 'promising to get back with me' yet he has never come through on anything. The only thing he is good for is talking you out of your money and wasting your time. Disgraceful company that should be out of business.


posted by rah00b
06:06:46 27/08/2014

After several weeks of unsuccessfully trying to obtain Czech insurance for my student visa, VZPforforeigners.cz was the ONE company that not only came through with an excellent policy that met all of my needs, but their customer service was truly exceptional! They responded to emails extremely quickly, gave great advice, answered all of my questions, and even stayed after hours to process my application during US business hours so I could get the info to the Czech embassy here in the US. I worked with Veronika and Sam and I would HIGHLY recommend them both! Their service was far superior to anyone here in the US or other Czech companies who tried to help me. I am so grateful that Charles University referred me to them!!!!

Useless for Seniors

posted by Anonymous
22:10:36 30/04/2014

Beware of this if you are over 65. I signed up for one year, but I was made to sign a form acknowledging that no pre-existing conditions would be covered. When I went to use the card, and doctors called for approval, they were told the insurance only covered "acute cases that threatened life." Yet when I signed up, the agent assured me it was "comprehensive" insurance. I was also assured basic dental care was covered up to 5,000 crowns. Not so. Again, the dentist received the same info, only for acute cases that threaten life. It even says "komplexni" on the card, i.e. Comprehensive. Essentially, I paid 48,000 crowns for nothing. *** Official response from VZP for Foreigners It is apparent that Mr. Demma was deceived by an unscrupulous broker and was billed for comprehensive coverage but instead was only issued Basic/Emergency with the broker pocketing the difference. In this case, as much as 40,000. Kc ! I suggest that Mr. Demma file criminal charges with the police and file a complaint against the broker at the CNB/Czech National Bank who oversees and enforces insurance regulations. I can assure you that Mr. Demma did not purchase his health insurance from VZPforForeigners.cz. We have thoroughly searched our database and have no record of a Bruce Demma on file. However, I will gladly assist Mr. Demma with his complaint at the CNB in an effort to recoup his stolen money. Yours Truly, Samuel Fleischman Director VZPforForeigners.cz