Golden Tikka - Kateřinská - Indian Restaurant

Kateřinská 42, Praha 2, 12000

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Our second newly opened (august 2010) Golden Tikka restaurant in Kateřinská is traditional indian non-smoking restaurant located at IP Pavlova square.

The restaurant is situated in the first floor in newly built Hotel Ankora beside PriceWaterhouseCoopers building.The nearby crossroad and streets are very busy, but the restaurant is calm with a pleasant terace with several grown trees (where smoking is allowed). The building and restaurant are modern though using brown and golden color for decorating the interier evokes warm intimate atmosphere. At weekdays the reasonable price lunch menu is very popular.

It took us a long time to find the perfect name which would represent the essence of our restaurant. The word ‘tikka’ has two main meanings in India. The first meaning is connected with Indian cuisine and comes from Punjab, in the North of India. It means pieces of meat or vegetables marinated and then baked in a tandoor oven on a big iron skewer. The second meaning is associated with Indian culture and tradition. Tikka is a mark worn on the forehead by Hindu Indians. The most common tikka is red powder applied with the thumb in a single upward stroke. A golden tikka is also a jewel worn mainly on the forehead by Indian brides. 

The name of our restaurant - Golden Tikka - symbolizes our effort to serve you the best traditional Indian dishes made in the classical way. Indian food is full of flavor, using a variety of fresh vegetables, lentils and a wide range of exotic spices, making the food both delicious and healthy. Our cooks use mostly fresh vegetables and meat and original Indian ingredients and spices. They prepare every day wide range of vegetarian dishes, juicy chicken and tender lamb dishes, fishes and prawns. Lot of dishes are prepared in tandoor clay owen. All this make the service and food  highly authentic and traditional. 

Come and enjoy eating in our restaurant. The variety of Indian cooking is immense, it is colourful and aromatic, it can be fiery or on the contrary very mild We are ready to fulfill all your wishes and we hope that your visit to Golden Tikka will both delight your taste buds and lift your mood.

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri, 11:30 – 23:00; Sat – Sun, 16:00 – 23:00; Lunch Menu: Mon – Fri, 11:30 – 15:00

Other services:

We often prepare private parties or dining for bigger groups.

Take away is possible and food delivery on demand. 

We can serve halal meat. 

Golden Tikka - Kateřinská - Indian Restaurant

Kateřinská 42, Praha 2, 12000

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Reviewed by LucyLucy 13.11.2012
We have been in this place many times and each of those evenings we really did enjoy. Not only the food itself but service and atmosphere also. We choose lamb roghan josh, chicken tikka masala and butter chicken with garlin naan and all this food was amazing. If u want to spend nice evening and taste brilliant indian food, visit this place for sure.

Golden Tikka- Katerinska Review

Reviewed by rich b 26.12.2011
My date and I enter in too late for lunch, too early for dinner, and find the establishment in a quiet, almost meditative state, with only one other couple eating, and quickly leaving the place, and the attention of the staff all to ourselves. I am a huge fan of Indian food in general, and while I am by no means a foodie, I have eaten enough Indian food in my life to know what´s good and what´s not. I inquire whether they are affiliated with... read more