Lal Qila - The Indian Restaurant

Italská 30, Praha 2, 12000

  • Phone+420 774310774


A place to experience exotic indian flavors and unimaginable culinary delights. With a selection of an array of mouth watering dishes including some one of a kind Indian dishes found nowhere else in Prague; specially prepared by our chef. A perfect atmospheric setting for everything from intimate dinings to large gatherings, a peaceful and relaxing family-friendly environment with top of the class service attending to all your culinary needs. Come and experience the tastes of India like never before!


Místo, kde si můžete vychutnat vyjímečný kulinářský zážitek plný exotických indických chutí. Nabízíme široké spektrum pokrmů včetně specialit připravených naším šéfkuchařem, které nenajdete nikde jinde v Praze. V indické restauraci Lal Qila Vás pohltí příjemná atmosféra, kde si každý přijde na své. Užijete si zde romantickou večeři i velká setkání. Přijďte a vychutnejte si indické speciality jako nikdy předtím. 

Lal Qila - The Indian Restaurant

Italská 30, Praha 2, 12000

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Fantastic :D

Reviewed by matmark 25.12.2011
Went to Lal Qila after hearing such an amazing buzz about it on tripadvisor. I must say some of the comments on trip. do not do justice to the amazing quality of food that I ate at the restaurant. We ordered tiger prawns as starters because its the new hot dish and our taste buds just went into another world, it was so good. We also ordered chicken 65 with them after reading reviews about it in prague post. We were extremely happy just from... read more

Worth a visit!

Reviewed by Matt 09.10.2011 (silver reviewer) Silver
Having tried quite a few of the curry places in Prague, I was most impressed with their Chicken Jalfrezi, the best I have had in Prague so far. If the onion Bajee has not been slightly burnt, I probably would have awarded 10 out of 10. As the first review I was surprised by the lack of customers as the food was excellent, I guess they need more time to establish a following. It probably does not help that their menu on here cannot be accessed.

Lal Qila - the new Masala

Reviewed by Sculptor 13.08.2011
Wandered into this place last week on our way to Masala, previously my favourite Indian in Prague by far. The girlfriend spotted it, on the corner of Manesova and Italska, and stopped to look at the menu. They're cheeky to be so close to Masala, but we thought we'd give it a shot. Well, the interior isn't much to look at; it's like they took over a pub or cheapo Czech restaurant and ran out of budget for redoing the decor, though a few... read more