Curry House

Novákových 893/7, Praha 8, 18000

  • Landline+420 284684417
  • Mobile phone+420 775109056


We are a family owned Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant, offering a wide range of Indian meat, vegetable and seafood meals etc.
We use recipes passed down from generations of families from Bangladesh and India to serve you traditional dishes never served in Indian restaurants in Prague before.
Our main objective is to provide great food of the highest quality using only the freshest and finest ingredients prepared to the highest standards. Our kitchen is equipped with modern technology, meeting the highest hygiene standards, including a special Indian clay oven Tandoor.
Please take the time to visit our restaurant. You will not regret your decision!

Curry House

Novákových 893/7, Praha 8, 18000

4.5 Reviewed by 29 users

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Awesome Indian Food

Reviewed by user 24.09.2010 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
I have been to The Curry House about 3 times in the last 6 days and absolutely love it. Went there to sit down for one dinner but most of the time I get take-away. I like to pick it up as they give me a cup of cha!!! The food is great and the service always brilliant. Easily the best "curry house" outside of the UK :-)

Small Dishes

Reviewed by user 19.08.2010
I like this place, but the portions are a bit small and I agree with the other poster about quantity. I am tempted to go again but they should really put a few more peices of meat in those curries. I eat curries to fill me up, not just because they look good and taste nice. Otherwise, I will go and buy a long baguette and put a few spices in it.

Quality but NOT Quantity

Reviewed by user 16.08.2010 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
The curry house are really good with an authentic taste, but the portions they serve just feel small to me. I think this place has great potential if they give BIGGER portions, especially the meat dishes. I tried a few curries and I still felt hungry afterwards. The quality is very good and I respect this place as being authentic.....but it's a shame about their small portions. The customer service is great here and almost everything is... read more


Reviewed by user 09.08.2010
This is the best Indian restaurant in town and this is coming from an Indian from USA..........

Best in far

Reviewed by Yan69 13.05.2010 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
I've only tried a few Indian restaurants here in Prague. Mostly disappointing and not worthy of mention. However, Curry House in Palmovka is the best I've found so far. I won't bother boring you with lots of food critic rubbish, just give it a try and I'm sure you'll agree with me and the other happy diners who have bothered to review it. It's not out in the sticks as some say. I'd hardly call Palmovka the countryside. So get down there and... read more

Superb indian food

Reviewed by user 22.03.2010 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
Had a delivery from them recently. Food was fresh, portions were reasonable and the flavours really good. I had the Jalfrezi as its my benchmark dish and it was a nice thick sauce with healthy amounts of ginger, onion and tomatoe. Weren't tight on the lamb which can be a complaint of other places. Up to trying curry house, Tandoor was the best place in Prague in my opionion. Curry house just pips them. They're a little bit cheaper too.... read more

great curry!

Reviewed by Natalie Jones 20.03.2010
Ordered a delivery from Curry House. Was amazing! arrived in approx 40 mins. Had the Dansak (firm fav dish of mine) - which was a bit too hot for me, but the spices were lovely. "Him indoors" had the vindaloo which he was also impressed with (and yes did bring tears to his eyes!). My only criticism is that I didn't think there was much chicken in my dish. but I will definitely try some more dishes - cant wait!!!! :)

Like Rana, maybe better

Reviewed by user 14.03.2010 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
Like Rana, maybe better. Also similar location. Lamb Buna was great and I had some specialty Bangladeshi dish beginning with R, was also very good. Best naan bread I have had in ages. Very polite people, would reccommend for curry night out, not for a romantic dinner though as the location and the restaurant lack a bit of sparkle.

Good Indian Food!

Reviewed by Connected 05.03.2010
I have ordered food from Curry House 5 times now - each time the quality has been quite good and the staff very friendly. Four of the five times I have had the food delivered and though it took some time it was worth the wait (I don't live so close so the delivery time was not too bad) Tonight I picked up the food in the restaurant just at Palmovka... I was sorry to see it was empty when I was there and think they deserve better. I believe... read more


Reviewed by selmam 04.03.2010 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
Very happy with the quality, taste of food and service. the best Indian place I have found in Prague. The Tandori chicken beats what I have eaten in India too. Plus they deliver!


Reviewed by user 12.02.2010 (gold reviewer) Gold
There are several Indian restaurants I like in Prague - especially Rana and Masala. However, the Curry House is now right up there (maybe even at the top!) in terms of quality of the food, and the price. Plus, there is a good sized room reserved for non-smokers! Particularly worth the trip are the Bangladeshi specials you can't find anywhere else. The only (minor) downside is that it is far out in the suburbs (the same problem as... read more

A New Favourite!

Reviewed by annemarie 06.02.2010 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
Have dined at the Curry House twice during the last week, last saturday from the a la carte menu, everything was first class and freshly prepared by the chef/owner who took the time to come out to ask what we thought. the service was excellant and nothing was too much trouble. We chose to go again for lunch on friday, we were greeted like old friends and enjoed a budget priced lunch from the daily menu, beef channa with naan, potato curry with... read more

Best I've found so far!

Reviewed by user 03.02.2010 (silver reviewer) Silver
I thought and tried every curry place in Prague, yet only happened to stumble upon this little place by accident when looking for somewhere else. I only live across the bridge, so was immediately interested and ordered delivery the same night. Great quality food, friendly service, on time delivery, English spoken. Admittedly have not dined in the restaurant itself yet, but had a look through the door and it looks quite cosy - possibly more in... read more

Our new fave Indian restaurant in Prague - worth a try

Reviewed by user 03.02.2010 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
Past experience has shown me that in Prague popularity often leads to falls in quality. If indeed true, then I shall probably some day regret writing this. However, the prospet of seeing this establishment close through lack of custom is too hard to bear, so I call all you lovers of Indian food to take a look and get yourselves down to Curryhouse. My gf and I found this place after having tried every other Indian restaurant or takeaway... read more