Nana Massita Home Decor

Mozartova 3337/14, Praha 5, 15000

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I'm a personal organizer for home and office spaces.
I'm passionate in creating a personalized space for my client focusing on their needs and wishes.
Be rainbow, be by use or be the most efficient way to store your things, you can count on me!
Home is an extension of your spirit so let's make it joyful and fun!

Nana Massita Home Decor

Mozartova 3337/14, Praha 5, 15000

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A must before moving to a new apartment!

Reviewed by Elvira Ireri Andres 20.05.2021
We contracted Nana's services before moving to a new apartment and it was a game-changer! Following her 5S method, moving stop being the tiring experience we are used to, it became an interesting way to set up order and get rid of unnecessary stuff. The benefits are still visible in our day-to-day life and make our new home a nicer place to live and as a bonus, helps us minimize the time spend on our cleaning routine. Thank you Nana!... read more

Nana, the organizing magician!

Reviewed by Marketa Strouhalova 10.05.2021
If your home is cluttered with excessive amount of stuff, but you still have troubles to say goodbye to your old belongings which you don´t even use anymore, Nana Massita is the right person to call for help! She will guide you through the process and advice you how to sort your things out and decide what to keep and what to let go without stress! At the end you will see, you are actually enjoying it. Moreover, she is very positive, energetic... read more

Amazing Service

Reviewed by Ana Maria Trebbi Berton 10.05.2021
Nana's service is amazing! She is a great professional. I had a lot of difficulty with organization. With her help, it became a much easier and more enjoyable activity. I definitely recommend her service.

Smart organization

Reviewed by Bruna Höffelmaier 09.05.2021
Nana is an expert when it comes to putting things together and organizing rooms overall and small personal stuff. She is capable of making you realize what is really essential and has importance to your life and everyday usage. Maintaining only really meaningful and important stuff, organized by topics, and rooms and utility. It is always better to have someone looking from outside to things we have, being able/capable to help us see meaning... read more

The best

Reviewed by Carolina Croso Mazzuco 08.05.2021
If you feel your home is not that comfy place you want to return to after an exhausting day, or that your wardrobe doesn't inspire you to feel good about yourself, it's Nana you need to call! Her work goes beyond consultation. It encourages you to literally create your temple, in the space that shelters you and within you. In a fun and personalized way, adapted to your time, needs and to what you can do. To handle a space as sacred as... read more

Great service

Reviewed by Clarice Lopes 08.05.2021
My experience with Nana was amazing! She is a great professional who helps organize your home in a way that everything makes more sense and your life becomes so much easier! It was definitely the best decision I took!

Excellent professional

Reviewed by Keith Lira 08.05.2021
Nana is such a great professional and enthusiastic person! She definitely does her best at understanding her client's needs and the results are amazing! Her way of organizing homes helps you organize your life and your thoughts and thus live a better life. I definitely recommend her work!

Life changing experience!

Reviewed by Eda Cmunt 08.05.2021
Previously, I wasnt the typical customer for this kind of business. But after seeing the results of Nana Massitas services, I became huge fan of the law&order that was introduced to our home. It doesnt only make my life simplier but also it had psychological aspect. I got rid off unused things from the past and thus being able to live the present moment instead of looking always in the past. I would highly recommend the services, Nana is... read more


Reviewed by user 08.05.2021
Nana, has a great approach towards organization. To fit your style she has a conversation first to check the direction you want to go, her tips and tricks are absolutely amazing and it is really helpfull. My home will never be the same, thank you!