JanHandyman with van

Podvinný mlýn 2346/20, Praha 9, 19000

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Whenever you need to solve things in your household/office, I am here to take care of the day-to-day maintenance of your household/garden/car such as: transport up-to 3t, pre-moving/ pre-refurbishing preparation, general household/office cleaning-including windows, assemble/disassemble of furniture, installing shelves, pictures, lights, curtains, curtains'rails, replacement bulbs, halogen bulbs, locks on the door, replacement/cleaning of silicone around the bath/shower tub, fixing of a dripping tap, replacement of washing machine hose, mow the lawn, cut the hedges, weeding, general garden maintenance(incl. garbage collection if required), collect your household purchases on your behalf, babysitting from 3 years old(I can also cook), help with pets, washing/vacuuming/maintenance of your car.
One last thing on top: If you are missing a sportsmate for your regular sports activities HERE I AM!!! And I can pretty much play all sports.

JanHandyman with van

Podvinný mlýn 2346/20, Praha 9, 19000

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10 stars

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 29.04.2021
I contacted him because of the good reviews, and they are totally true. After 6 years living in Prague we have accumulated many things, so my expectations were pessimistic about the amount of time and money I should need to spend. It turned out that in 3-4 hours we were done and the price it was so cheap that I tipped him with 200ck and I still felt bad about that.

Very happy

Reviewed by Andrea Schirru 05.04.2021
Jan was on time, helpful and thorough. He speaks good English. Highly recommended.

Assembled a very complicated closet

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 31.03.2021
Polite, on time, patience and thorough. Very good experience with Jan, assembled a very complicated closet for us. Was very happy to work with him and will use him again for sure. Highly recommended....

Help in transporting goods (major waste items and collecting new furniture)

Reviewed by Philippe Andry 05.03.2021
Perfect professional service. Very helpful and punctual. Highly recommended.

Broken Oven Door

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 02.03.2021
Excellent. Punctual, effective, reasonable price.


Reviewed by Expats.cz user 21.02.2021
Very professional service, packed my items very carefully to make sure nothing was damaged, highly recommended.

Fast and efficient (Paint and move stuff)

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 21.01.2021
I recommend Jan, he answered quickly and did the job properly. I will work with him for sure in the future. Thank you

Helped moving furniture

Reviewed by Valerie Zoske 21.10.2020
Highly recommend Jan, he’s very proffesional and knows what he’s doing. He worked fast and managed to get everything done in a couple of hours. If you’re looking for a handyman to move your furniture: he’s the one!

help putting up curtains

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 07.10.2020
I had a wonderful experience with Jan. He helped me put my curtains up and was very professional. He is very prompt and also has fair fees. Highly recommend!

Help moving furniture

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 13.09.2020
I had a delightful experience with Jan, from the first step of replying promptly to my message, and till the last step of finishing the job very professionally. He was courteous and his fees was very reasonable. Would not hesitate to engage Jan for any help.

Help visiting an apartment

Reviewed by Analicia Garcia Priego 05.09.2020
I had a good experience with Jan, he was very kind in coming with me to see a flat. I had been under the impression that the state agent and the owner of the flat didn't speak English, so I asked Jan to come in case I needed to communicate with them and wasn't able to in my very limited Czech. Jan was punctual, and polite, he asked some important questions to the realtor and I appreciated his coming with me with very little notice (I emailed... read more

Great experience

Reviewed by Olena Bokan 27.08.2020
We had the perfect service with Jan. The furniture was moved quickly and professionally. We even asked to go with us to the nearby furniture store, and Jan agreed to do so. Highly recommended!

Great service

Reviewed by Nicole Kesler 27.08.2020
Jan is very friendly, came on time, and responds extremely fast once contacted!

Nejvyšší spokojenost!

Reviewed by Marek Latiok 14.08.2020
Tato spolupráce je pro mě velmi přínosná a jsem velmi za ní rád! Pánovi jsme dali dnes velmi těžký úkol, který stál odvahu, sílu a zdatnost. V průběhu práce nastali nečekané komplikace, s kterými si Pan Handyman poradil bez potíží. Tento pán je velmi zkušený, velmi rád děla svoji práci a velmi rad pomáhá lidem. Což se mi dnes jasně a zřetelně potvrdilo. Doporučuji každému tyto služby, kvalita, zručnost, časová flexibilita, pan si poradí... read more

Great Contact to have - Highly Recommend

Reviewed by Liza Rosewell 17.07.2020
While moving flats, Jan help us get rid of an old double bed, a fridge freezer and other bits and pieces we couldn't take with us. He is punctual and professional and charges reasonable rates.