Kabul Restaurant

Karolíny Svetle 14, Praha 1, 11000

  • Landline+420 224235452


Restaurant and garden with a capacity for 50 people.  

Selection of Afghan specialities, Oriental kitchen, and pizza.

Kabul Restaurant

Karolíny Svetle 14, Praha 1, 11000

4.5 Reviewed by 12 users

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worth a return visit

Reviewed by Brett Jamieson 15.12.2008 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
Went there on Friday night as we were looking for something that resembled a Persian restaurant we used to know and love back home and figured it would be similar. They had a different menu (not surprising) so it made me interested in trying their "specialties" first. The waiter was confused and seemed a bit insulted when we asked if they had more than one kind of wine, or any appetizers. No worry though, we figured. My wife ordered the ground... read more

Delicious Food, Generous portions, and Very Hospitable Service

Reviewed by Dasher 15.02.2008
My husband and I went to this restaurant and enjoyed a wide variety of delicious Afghan treats. The chicken kebab dish, spinach, rice, and Afghan bread were all wonderful and went very well with the house red wine. We appreciated the generous portions and the high quality chicken meat. It was a great pleasure to meet the owner Hasib. He came to our table with a big smile and made sure that we were happy with everything. He is a super... read more

Outstanding place to eat

Reviewed by Addie 16.01.2008
One thing Iwill never forget about the restaurant is the Food , service , price and the beauty of the place .The authentic Afghani food which I love so much was amazing .I wana thank all the people who served me in Kabul Karolina especially the Owner & manager Mr.Haseeb who himself I had the pleasure of meeting that night .lam planing to visit the restaurant again. Thank you Kabul Karolina ,looking forward to visit you again soon.

Great food and service

Reviewed by KristaMN 19.12.2007
I went on a Monday night and there were only a few other tables occupied. My friend and I tried a few dishes between us and split them all. The beef kebabs and the ashak were especially good...the mantu was a little much so I was glad I was sharing it. The atmosphere was pleasant and relaxing-I felt like we were having dinner at someone's home. The owner came over and talked to us several times and was very friendly. I will be going back... read more

Simply Great!

Reviewed by stevo699 01.12.2007 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
Ate at Kabul Karolina last night as part of a large party - the food took a while to come but was so worth the wait. It was delicious - right from the Aubergine to start through to the rice and then the chicken, mutton and koftas. Highly recommended - in fact, I'm going to go back next week I think and it's definitely a good place to take visitors for something completely different. Go!


Reviewed by BlondPrincess33 07.08.2007
I like middle eastern food. I am czech girl - may be this was the problem? I do not know. I had to wait to be served at firts. Food was half cooked - especially the veggies were almost raw. It was 16C outside - one of those very cold summer days, despite I asked the waiter to close widely opened doors of the restaurant, she did it but, the owner while I was at the toillette opened it again. I was almost the only guest there. I was so cold,... read more

great food

Reviewed by mycrows 16.07.2007 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
It's the only restaurant that I have really been excited about since I got here. We went on a quiet weeknight, no trouble getting a table, and the service was incredibly fast. We are vegetarians (which might explain some of our problems eating out in Prague) and although there were only about three options for us, the two we chose were very satisfying. One was an eggplant yogurt dish and the other was spinach--both were excellent. The bread... read more

simple and friendly

Reviewed by jelo2912 25.06.2007 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
this isn´t the quickest service, but it´s worth waiting. been there before and always went back. my favourite restaurant in Prague.

Afghan paradise

Reviewed by UnreconstructedTroglodyte 09.02.2007
This is probably about as exotic as you can get in Prague - and the food is absolutely fantastic. Everything on the menu is delicious - the kebabs, the meat and yogurt dishes, everything. It's a very peaceful and serene atmosphere inside - a good place to eat and talk for a few hours - and the service is great. Prices are reasonable, about 150-200 Kc per person with a meal and a drink or two. You must try the bread which is the best in... read more

Kabul Karolina

Reviewed by minime 02.11.2006
Went last Saturday, lovely place, don´t need no reservation, food is good. Have to be careful with white drink (yogurt, cucumber and some staff). My stomach was like a basketball all night. Original prices a bit more hire (5-10 Kr) than internet listed. Generally speaking I would recommend this restaurant.

Kabul Karolina

Reviewed by coco 26.06.2006 (gold reviewer) Gold
Friendly service, frequented by Afganis themselves, great food, meat, eggplant, yogurt, terrace, shockingly cheap. That about sums it up really. This place rules. My new favourite place. Reservations recommended.

Kabul Karolina

Reviewed by alleyoop 29.04.2006
This is a great, little-known restaurant. They have a good selection of both vegetarian and meat dishes. The dal, spinach, and roasted eggplant dishes are excellent and go great with the fresh-baked afgansky bread on offer. The restaurant has a nice cosy atmosphere inside and beautiful garden seating in the back courtyard.