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POP is the hair salon project from former Trichomania owners Veronika and Mark Weston. A fresh, new salon in a lively area of Prague 6 - near Hradčanska metro - on Dejvicka Street No.24. POP offers haircuts and colours for everyone - men, women and children. See products, prices and all the details on www.trichomania.cz.

More about POP by Trichomania;
As a member of "The Leading Salons of the World" the salon enjoys an excellent reputation as a 1st choice for haircuts & colour in Prague. Mark Weston offers 30+ years of experience, international training and focus on sophisticated cutting / colouring techniques.

Trichomania means an obsession for hair + POP is short for popular and the salon is recommended especially for those who value a good haircut, beautiful colour and healthy hair. Mark has been focusing on accurate, systematical cutting technique for over 30 years, resulting in a bespoke haircut and colour / highlight experience to the highest of standards. Balanced proportions concentrating on the hairs natural growth pattern and structure reduces the need for styling to a minimum. "Specialising in what I do best and omitting other services completely felt like a good idea to help the salon stand out" says Mark Weston and in return the salon is rapidly developing a reputation as a first choice for haircuts and colour in Prague. At POP he is working with two younger czech colleagues - Martina and Antonin - and helping them improve their skills.

POP salon and shop is the only stockist for the famous Mason Pearson brushes in the Czech Republic and the Trichomania s.r.o. is the distrebutor for Hairbond UK and Yasaka scissors. We use a selection of products, including some labeled for us, but are also the so far only hair salon in CZ offerind and using a selection of organic products from the John Masters Organics range.

Our website trichomania.cz includes updated prices and detailed information about POP by Trichomania. Valid from September 2018.

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Best Hairdresser E V E R

posted by Sinem Benli
20:08:04 23/04/2016

I didn't let anyone touch my hair for more than 2 years because I lost hope in the hairdressing industry. My visits to hair salons were all about tears and drama. I decided to give it a one and last shot when my hair wasn't looking like hair anymore. Mark is the best. Period. Cheers and thank you

The Best HairExpert in Europe

posted by Anonymous
12:12:06 29/01/2013

I can't praise Mark's enthusiasm about hair enough! I have been travelling around Europe for last couple of years and swear to God, never met such a great hairdresser like Mark. Sure you have been reading tons of those articles in fashion magazines about great places to go, where they will do a magic with your hair, using the finest products, procedures and so on… so did I! And finally, after years, this happened to me, as soon as I walked in Trichomania! What absolutely blew me away was Mark’s passion and excitement about hair and how can he soooo easily understand what actually woman desire for! There was no need for any deep explanation of my ideas as Mark exactly knows what’s on your mind! Having said that, I loved my hair after first visit, loved my hair few weeks later when it grew back, but because of precious cut, the overall shape was still fab! I’ve never got so many compliments about my hair even after two months since last visit! Every visit is like being in heaven, far away from reality thanks to 1 at a time concept, with great music in background and the best pair of hands working the magic!!! And the outcome? Great looking hair with no need to spend ages in front of the mirror to try to style them into a “perfect” shape, cos Mark cuts your hair in perfect shape tho! So, if you are fatigue and really down because of your hair, get pampered for few hours in Trichomania’s armchair - that will be the decision you won’t regret - ever!!!

Loving my hair, even after several weeks

posted by leiriope
12:12:05 03/10/2012

Mark cut and colored my hair several weeks ago, and while I was immediately impressed, I wanted to live with my new style for a time before leaving a review. Quite simply, this is the best cut I have ever had. It has been easy to manage and doesn't require loads of effort to keep looking nice, even after several weeks. His coloring advice was excellent too. I received more than just a great cut/color from Mark; I now have a sound plan for how to reach my goal of having long, healthy, beautiful hair. I have never enjoyed my hair as much, nor received as many complements. Thank you, Mark!

Great Haircut and Experience!

posted by Anonymous
11:11:12 14/12/2010

Before leaving Prague to go home for Christmas I decided that I needed a new haircut and color, and I really wanted this one to be good after getting so many mediocre and boring hairstyles in the past. I found Mark's salon after only ten minutes of searching online and knew that I had found the right place! First off, the Trichomania salon isn't a salon--and I mean this in a completely positive way. When you walk in your senses aren't immediately flooded with the sounds of hairstylists and customers chatting, the smell of dozens of hair products, or the blank stares of model pictures hanging on the walls. Mark's place has none of that; it's very quiet, fragrant-free, nicely decorated and there's only one chair. The intimate atmosphere made me feel like I wasn't just another customer, which I really appreciated. The process itself was pleasantly surprising. Mark actually took the time to sit down with me and discuss both his and my ideas on what style would suit me best. Though I had a certain style in mind, the execution and coloring were entirely his and I couldn't have been happier with the process and results! Mark gives terrific scalp massages and the products that he uses are gentle and won't damage your hair. He's also a very laid-back, friendly guy and I enjoyed our conversations while he worked. He gave me some very specific hair maintenance advice that I've been using ever since. And by the way, Mark, kudos on your excellent collection of vinyl that I now covet (and thanks for the band recommendations!). Since my visit I've gotten so many compliments on my new hair that my cheeks hurt from smiling. I think it's safe to say that if you pay Trichomania a visit you won't be sorry. Highly recommended!

How's your hair ?

posted by daveruzius
23:11:35 06/08/2010

After becoming Mayor of Trichomania on Foursquare (http://foursquare.com/venue/4815837 make sure to check-in next time !) I thought it was time to write a review as well. I've been going to Mark for years now and it has been great from the beginning. I mostly let Mark do whatever he wants and it always turns out great. Mark does have his signature cuts and I've left the salon often with what I call 'the comma' ; a longer piece of hair in front. Being busy and sometimes on a budget I love the fact that my hair looks good even after 2/3 months because of the quality of the cut. What I like most though is that we are able to discuss our music preferences, music history, the 80-ies and 90-ies, whats new on the web etc. while having a beer and a haircut. I truly look forward to having a haircut as it does not feel like going to a salon but it feels like visiting a friend who by accident cuts your hair. In addition I like the projects Mark is working on if it comes to fashion, developing his own line of hair products etc. The flexibility of Mark, the quality and location of the salon are the final cherries on the pie. I'm planning to stay the mayor of Trichomania so will continue going for sure. My 2 hairs. Dave.