M&M hair by Mark Phillip

Lužická 27, Praha 2, 12000

  • Landline+420 222254096
  • Mobile phone+420 608633000


hairdressing • massage • beauty treatment. Friendly family salon for your beauty needs including hair, massage, manicures, facials, hair extensions, pedicures, waxing and eyelash extensions. English, Czech and Dutch speaking.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 08:00 - 20:00
Saturday 10:00 - 16:00 (by prior appointment only)

M&M hair by Mark Phillip

Lužická 27, Praha 2, 12000

4.3 Reviewed by 10 users

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For boys - DON'T go there

Reviewed by Goran.Kaviedez 04.02.2015
Average cut for west european prices - forget this place! You can get a better cut anywhere in Prague and pay 1/3 of the price (or less). Never ever.

Excellent Service

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 24.05.2013
English Speaking staff, very friendly and quick to get an appointment for. Not only are they a hair salon but they are also a beauticians and offer Chiropodist services. I used this facility there and got charged only 100kc for something I have been charged €50 for at home. Would definitely recommend them.

Hair by Mark Phillip

Reviewed by Kurt Vinion 22.09.2009
I know guys are not supposed to make a big fuss over something as simple as a hair cut - but after trying many places and struggling to get a decent hair cut I came across Mark Phillip and I am very happy I did. He is quite simply the best hair stylist in Prague. You don't have to take my word for it - go there and find out for yourself. Thanks again Mark!

Colour by Mark

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 03.02.2009
Had my hair coloured and highlighted by Mark last year but wasn't happy with the initial outcome as i felt there wasn't much difference & my roots were still visible, so i gave him a call & he invited me back and redid it all free of charge and it was more perfect than i could've imagined. When I saw photos afterwards the colours were stunning! I had my hair coloured back in England by my regular hairdressers a couple of times since but will... read more

Marc Gravell - best men's haircut, ever

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 17.08.2008
Have been getting my hair cut by Mark Gravell since 2003 or thereabouts ever since he had been recommended by the Prague Post and then by Alan Levy, the Prague Post editor himself. The cuts are absolute perfection, period. He takes his time to make sure that every hair is in place! I make sure to get a haircut every time I visit Prague, and although the cuts are no longer inexpensive and in fact a bit more than what I pay in the U.S. (as the... read more

wierd thing at this salon

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 30.01.2007 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
i went there twice ... first time i had cut color and highlights and paid something around 4000 . i was satisfied . second time i came just for cut and highlights and 3000. Than my sis and my mom went there both just for the cut and when they showed me the bill we find out that all of us had different price for cut. my first cut 1150 and my second was 750. my mom paid 1220 and my sis paid 850. we were all serverd by Mark!!!! also need to say... read more

Making up for mistakes

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 30.01.2007
I posted a review last week about a bad experience with the stylist Lisa at this salon. She didn't listen to me, and I ended up extremely unhappy with the result. So I called and got an appointment with Mark and he really made it much better. He was very nice, and for no charge fixed the damage that had been done to my hair. They made it so easy to come in, and once there, they gave me the full treatment again, re-cutting my hair... read more

Hair by Mark Philip

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 03.10.2006
We visited today for colour with highlights, cut and blow. We were given coffee on arrival, followed by a discussion with Mark about how to proceed with the jobs. Both of us were delighted with the outcomes. Excellent colouring and a very good cut (Gobi coloured and cut my hair, Mark did Sandra's). The staff are polite and friendly without being over-the-top, in fact, totally professional in every way. The combined cost for us both with... read more

Hair by Mark Philip aka Frederic Moreno

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 12.09.2006 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
A warm welcome, english speaking hair stylists and excellent service.....what more can a girl ask for!

Mark Weston @ Frederic Moreno

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 28.08.2006
Fantastic haircuts every time, Mark knows exactly what he's doing and takes his time in perfecting his craft. He's friendly and well-spoken without the arrogance I've found at other salons in and around Europe. I recommend Mark for men's haircuts- my hair both looks and feels healthy. Three haircuts later, I know I won't be letting anyone else touch my hair for a while yet!! 10/10 for quality, comfort, and price.