Vegan Vital Time

Koněvova 132, Praha 3, 13000

  • Mobile phone+420 776862566


Personal Fitness training& dietary couseling for vegans, vegetarians & anyone who likes to exercise and eat well.

We can help you to:

Gain muscle tone, endurance and flexibility with stretching, aerobics, exercise machines and free weights,
supervised by one of our personal trainers.

Lose weight
With nutritional counseling and supervised exercise

No worries
If you havent exercised in a long time or even never, We will work gradually to help you improve and lose weight.

And you can relax
Sport and classic massage, physiotherapy

Vegan Vital Time

Koněvova 132, Praha 3, 13000

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Reviewed by NA 04.05.2015 (silver reviewer) Silver
I recommend VVT for massage/physiotherapy. Ala is a very experienced therapist, and does great work. She is often able to schedule a last-minute appointment, and she is very reliable.