Personal Training, Psychotherapy, acupunture

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Knowledge, skills, and motivation are the key ingredients to developing your full potential. I use a holistic approach in combining personal training, nutrition, and psychotherapy to help people get there in the quickest means possible. The only limit is your commitment.

In my 15 years experience working closely with groups and individuals, I found that to get immediate effective results – you must integrate your mind, body, and energy at the same time towards the same goal. If you isolate any of these parts from the whole you will be disappointed by the progress, and may lose all motivation.

Schedule your first consultation and together we can map out and plan your goals.


Personal training at your home, in the park or in the gym

Acupuncture therapist, Traditional Chinese Medicine

Health Lifestyle Coach

Martial arts and self defense instructor
Classic or Accupressure Massage Services

Psychotherapy counseling

Using modern awareness techniques in combination with movement, therapy, and self realization we can help you achieve long lasting change. Evolve your body and mind, and witness change around you.

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Thomas Vejrazka Wolf
+420 602 292 767 or

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Personal Training, Psychotherapy, acupunture

Plzeňská 233/8, Praha 5, 15000

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The best

Reviewed by Kjersti Hansen 13.12.2016
My training/climbing with Thomas has exceeded all my expectations. He has taught me more over the course of a few months than I've been able to teach myself over the span of years of exercising. Not only is he a great trainer, but he is a great life coach as well. Training with him has been one of my best decisions!

great services

Reviewed by user 31.10.2011
I have to appreciate Tom´s training sessions as well as his great massage services. I really enjoyed it and could recommand his services! Thank you once again!