Personal Trainer - Thomas Vejrážka

Plzeňská 8, Praha 5, 15000

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I specialize in personal training and development. Each person is a complete being with a body and mind. I not only train but focus in raising each individual's AWARENESS so that they are evolving and capable of adapting to their environment. As a Personal Trainer we can meet in the gym and work on your body movement patterning or aesthetics. As a Psychotherapist we can identify your behavior patterns and work on the mind. As an acupuncturist of Traditional Chinese Medicine we can heal you chronic/acute illness. I have a holistic approach in lifestyle and in my services making a positive difference in longevity, health and well being. My services are available by appointment only. Your first consultation/training session is FREE. All services are available at your home or anywhere in Prague or Mnisek pod Brdy.

Among my services i offer:
Personal training(weight loss, muscle gaines, posture correction)
life coaching
Shiatsu and massage
Traditional Chinese medicine/ acupuncture

My services are available privately IN YOUR HOME or we can meet at the following GYMs:
Holmes Place (membership required) – Andel
Euforia Fitness (pay as you go entrance fee 130czk) – near Andel/ Or Karlin
Kares Fitness - Na porici (near florenc)
Kotva Fitness - near Namesti Republic

I was born in America and partly raised in Czech, so training sessions are available fluently in both ENGLISH and CZECH.
I also offer Acupuncture and Shiatsu.   My inspirations have driven me to find the best conduit in reaching out to peoples' lives and making a positive difference. My services are offered in private to both individuals and group training. 

Personal Trainer - Thomas Vejrážka

Plzeňská 8, Praha 5, 15000

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The best

Reviewed by Kjersti Hansen 13.12.2016
My training/climbing with Thomas has exceeded all my expectations. He has taught me more over the course of a few months than I've been able to teach myself over the span of years of exercising. Not only is he a great trainer, but he is a great life coach as well. Training with him has been one of my best decisions!

great services

Reviewed by user 31.10.2011
I have to appreciate Tom´s training sessions as well as his great massage services. I really enjoyed it and could recommand his services! Thank you once again!