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If you are looking for result-oriented, process-driven, scientifically-based personal training or strength coaching in Prague, you have just found it.

You may have joined a gym in the past but never got the results you were looking for. Perhaps you hired a trainer and even tried various fad diets but your body shape remained the same. You seem to have been doing physiotherapy exercises forever with no apparent improvement in your bodily function. If that's the case then let me help you.

I do not want to waste your time or money trying to balance on a large rubber ball!

Everyone i work with undergoes a comprehensive physical assessment and dietary analysis before embarking on an exercise programme tailored to their exact needs. My aim is to achieve the goals set by the client in as short a time as possible by producing a programme that is backed by science and in the trenches experience.

I have a varied selection of gyms in Prague at my disposal to ease your travel burden. I also work closely with a UK trained Osteopath which allows me to deliver a fully complementary care package to ensure your body performs at optimal levels.

In addition i also offer programme writing - sport specific or general fitness based, nutritional consultations for fat loss/performance enhancement, manual rehabilitation therapies and in home healthy meal preparation classes.

Please feel free to call for an informal chat about your wants and needs and we can take it from there.


Chrudimská 2b, Praha, 13000

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Best Trainer in Prague

Reviewed by user 15.04.2014
I worked with Colin for the 3 months I was in Prague and the results far surpassed my expectations. Colin is extremely knowledgeable about the science of the human body, nutritional advice, and will cater the program to your specific needs. My goal was to lose approximately 2 ½ stone (15kg) in 3 months. This was not only achieved, but Colin designed the program so that my body remained strong and my overall muscle strength and energy... read more

Scotstrength = Results!!!

Reviewed by Borough 20.08.2013
I have been Colin for over a year and all I can say is that he really knows his trade from body mechanics through to dietary requirements. After suffering a really nasty break to my Tibia and Fibula in 2010 and going through the normal physiotherapy which got me to a certain point of strength, basically walking/cycling. I then moved to Prague in March 2012 and contacted Colin for an initial consultation about starting a program with him. My... read more

Solid Training!

Reviewed by user 23.03.2012
Hey folks, I have a specific need for a trainer to look at some problem zones that I wanted to get fixed. namely my back and my core. I was recommended to see Colin and I don't regret any of it. He's a solid trainer that will help you get what you want. I do regular trainings and I've seen the results. You need to put in the work, but it's going to come out. My back feels stronger and my toning is better too, so overall very happy... read more

At last! a professional

Reviewed by user 19.03.2012
Hi everyone! So, I've been training (seriously) on my own for 3 years, reading plenty of books and articles, trying "famous" strength programs ,etc. and made...............very little progress. It's always interesting to learn, but sometimes YOU JUST WANT RESULTS! Colin has been writing my training plans for about a year now, and we train together once a week. (for athletic performance) I took something like 20%increase in... read more


Reviewed by user 31.07.2011
Spent 3 months training ( about 25 sessions) with Colin with the twin objectives of losing weight and getting fitter. He has an excellent knowledge of both fitness and diet regimes and with his help, I achieved my aims, losing 9kg (despite only following half his dietary recommendations!) and left feeling a lot healthier and energetic. He's a good motivator, patient and experienced. He'll push you and it works. Prices are reasonable - its a... read more

Highly recommended

Reviewed by user 20.10.2010
Professional, friendly, and delivers results. A top guy, and a great coach!