Personal Trainer - Martin Krivanek

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Functional Training is a type of exercise that focuses on helping you perform the activities of daily living (including sports) easily and without injury. This does not mean it will protect you from stumbling, but if you already work out and are trying to build a stronger and more powerful physique, functional training is exactly what you need.
I’ve been devoted to this training approach as a professional coach for more than five years, studying the methodology in the UK and USA. For athletes around the world, functional training is the absolute number one training approach. Best of all, the combination of functional training and rehabilitation has proven useful for the normal population as well as professional athletes.

Personal Trainer - Martin Krivanek

Máchova 2180/15, Praha 2, 12000

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Martin is a Pro!

Reviewed by Monica Leas 10.07.2019
Martin is a fantastic trainer, and he's been an integral part of my fitness routine during my extended time in Prague. I've seen a wide range of fitness pros in the States. Martin is a rare mix of a well-versed personal trainer with extensive physiotherapy experience. He has been great at helping with my form and dealing with past injuries while also giving me customized training routines to build strength. I am a novice when it comes to... read more

Excellent Personal Trainer

Reviewed by Élan Wetterschneider 20.06.2019
For me he's been part physical therapist and part personal trainer. It's been a great experience working with him because he doesn't just instruct me to do "standard" exercises. He has focused on what I actually need to get better/stronger before starting on the training aspect. I highly recommend him if you have any knee or back issues. I've been working with him for six months now and have seen a considerable improvement in my strength... read more

Should be your first call for Personal Training in Prague!

Reviewed by David Phillips 11.10.2017
I was recommended Martin by a fitness coach I was currently working with having sustained a serious ligament tear in my shoulder. We worked together on the rehabilitation starting with stability, range of movement and strengthening. Since then I have continued to train with Martin to maintain and develop my fitness around this long term injury and my work which involves frequent travel. Together we have developed a fitness program which I can... read more

The best Personal Trainer/Physio/Rehabilitation in Prague!!!

Reviewed by Angela Simone 14.09.2017
In April 2017 I had a Hysterectomy resulting in a Compressed Femoral Nerve damage due to the length of the surgery and the pressure placed on this nerve So when I woke up from surgery to my surprise and shock I couldn't feel my left leg, I had lost all feeling and couldn't walk. I was told by the Neurologist that I would or should regain full feeling and movement in my leg over the next 6- 8 weeks or longer. I asked him if I needed... read more

Highly recommended :)

Reviewed by Eva Chrenkova 29.05.2017
I started training with Martin six months after childbirth in order to get rid of a pain in my back and get fit after pregnancy. This was accomplished very fast. Martin is not only a fitness trainer but he also has a deep knowledge of physiotherapy. Martin pays a lot of attention to the right exercise technique which has been very important to me. He often praises and supports :)