Bozděchova 2246/3, Praha, 15000

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Fitness2YOU has been founded as a team of professionals in fitness industry who would like to share and pass on their experience with you, our customers. Our team consists of personal trainers, masseurs, physiotherepists and nutritionists. Our experienced team is a guarantees a highest quality care and five-star service. We provide full scale of service in body care, fitness and wellness.

Get rid of fat? Or just shape muscles? Tired of busy gyms or simply just not feeling comfortable among all those people? We have an answer for you. Try one of our personal trainers who comes all the way to your house or apartment with the training of the same quality like in the gym. Trends in modern fitness tend to move from typical gym’ s workout machines to more alternative tools and ways that lead you to more natural, effective and healthier ways of physical activity. We use the latest equipment like BOSU, Gymnastic balls, TRX suspension system, Flowin, Kettlebells and different kinds of free weights. We can arrange the full fitness training in your house, office or in your apartment. We save your valuable time because simply you do not have to travel anywhere and we save your money because you do not have to pay for the expensive gym memberships anymore. Your personal training can also take place outside – in your garden, in your favorite park. Even if you have your public gym that you go to, we can exercise there if the owner let us do so. We bring our care wherever you wish.

We are not only focused on fitness. We can provide the training process in any sport of your choice. Would you like your kids to improve in some sport or you just want to make sure that their growth is healthy and goes the right way? We will take good care of them.

Reaching your goals is our priority and that is why we strongly recommend you to set up an appointment with our nutritionist. A well balanced nutrition is a key to your success.

Do you feel tired after an exhausting day at work or after a training? Or you just want to have a good time for a while? Our massage therapist is ready to come wherever you want him to and provide you with a professional massage of your choice. We also have physiotherapist available for your convenience.

Whether you have an experience with such a service or not we offer you a free sample training session. Try it and you will not regret it.

Our service is available in Prague and surrounding areas.


Bozděchova 2246/3, Praha, 15000

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