Fitness Prague

Karlova Namesti 2, Praha 1, 12000

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My name is Heinz, and I was certified in the USA. Feel free to contact me at 777 77 47 12. Besides being able to create at your home or office all the results of machines at any high end gym, the latest fitness technology from the Untied States allows you to reach your fitness goals in the most rapid and safe way possible. Whether you wish to lose weight, get toned, and/or get in better physical shape, Heinz will work with you One on One to reach your fitness and health goals. Special exercises are available to improve your sports game, including golf and tennis, and to avoid injury. I can also work around your physical disabilities, as well as working with pregnant women both before and after childbirth to allow fitness levels to be maintained.

Fitness Prague

Karlova Namesti 2, Praha 1, 12000

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Heinz is amazing!!!!

Reviewed by user 22.04.2014
As a medical student, I thought I knew human physiology. While doing the workouts with Heinz, I quite often get corrected on the angle of the muscle, which allows the burn and thus becoming lean and fit. It seems without this expert knowledge and intuition, all the exercises gives very limited results. I wouldn't ever imagine before that exercise can be so scientific... The other surprise is that he makes it seem like fun.

Thank you Heinz!

Reviewed by bingle 18.10.2012
Heinz is a gem. He is completely reliable, really knows what he is doing and focussed on what you want to achieve. Couldn't ask for anything more.

A workout at your home

Reviewed by user 22.02.2012
I've been working out with Heinz for about 5 years. His regimen is scientifically sound. The nutritional advice is spot on. But most importantly, the simple fact that he shows up here at our house 3 days a week makes all the difference between keeping active and skipping work-outs and eating crap. I'd recommend Heinz to anyone who's serious about getting into shape and worried that they won't have the discipline to get to the gym regularly or... read more


Reviewed by user 11.01.2012
When we started, I was looking for a nutritionist and a physio for my leg-back from a recommendation of a doctor. So definitely I accepted the high cost towards the benefit. I should say that Heinz is highly skilled and professional and his economical requirement well grounded. Not only is my leg and back problem totally gone, but my activity and fitness level has greatly improved. Thanks to his exercises, I was even able to greatly improve... read more

my experience with the personal trainer Heinz

Reviewed by user 29.12.2011
I have been a client of Heinz at It has been a major life changing experience. Not only did I lose weight and tone up quite a bit, but after each workout I felt totally refreshed and energized. I have a very high stressed profession, and I always felt extremely renewed after each workout when he came to my home. He also entirely rehabilitated my serious back and knee problems. I highly recommend him.