Betty Zavacká

Na příkopě 1047/17, Praha 1, 11000

  • Phone+420 725000265


My name is Betty and I am an evidence-based personal trainer from Prague, Czech Republic.
It has been a decade since I became passionate about fitness and soon realized I also found my life purpose.

I started my personal training career 4 years ago.

I challenge my clients during training sessions but I also help them rebuild their lifestyle to create sustainable results for life. Since the results hugely depends on actions the client takes outside the gym I include accountability coaching to keep my clients focused on their goals, which has been a game changer.

I work in Xplore Fitness, a beautiful gym in the center of Prague. (

Fitness does have the potential to change your life so If you are ready for a change, feel free to reach out.

Betty Zavacká

Na příkopě 1047/17, Praha 1, 11000

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The best!!!

Reviewed by Jeremy Tripp 24.10.2021
I have had personal trainers in the past (in the States), but never overseas and never as amazing as Betty. She speaks perfect English, sits down and listens to what you want to achieve at the beginning. Each workout with Betty is so varied, you never feel like you are repeating. I started 1-2 times a week with Betty working out; going from 0 fitness before! Now I workout with Betty 3x a week. After around 20 sessions, I feel much better... read more