Hotel Josef, Rybn√° 693/20, Praha 1, 11000

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AthleticLife is fun, motivational training programmes tailored specifically to you, that combine the latest in sports science with the fundamentals of fitness training to help you reach new heights in your personal fitness.

AthleticLife founder Lukas Zaspal combines a range of movement systems from a range athletic disciplines, that will make you jump, roll, run, bend strike or lift yourself to a healthier, stronger, flexible and leaner you!

Enjoy your journey to better health and fitness in the luxury and private environment of the design hotel Josef in the heart of Prague.


Hotel Josef, Rybn√° 693/20, Praha 1, 11000

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Been going to Lukas for a couple of months now

Reviewed by Gary Szendzielarz 07.02.2017
I have to say he's made a massive difference to my life. He understands who I am from a work/life balance and personal level, and based on this has tailored training sessions with me to suit my lifestyle, but also see great results in a short time. For me it has not be about losing weight, but about getting fit and converting flab into muscle and that is exactly what is happening. Some trainers spend 20 mins on a running machine with you to... read more