Jarda Mares

Pernerova 50 50, Prague, 18600

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* A message for people in the Karlín (Prague 8) area !!!
* Do you want to have a healthy and well balanced body ?
* Do you want to improve your physical condition and develop an overal sense of wellbeing

* I have the solution !!!
* Tailor-made fitness and nutrition programs for any fitness level !
* Come for a free consultation in the private fitness club RFXGYM in Karlín - (rfxgym.cz), pernerova 50,Prague8.

- Jarda Mares ,personal trainer ,international qualification from YMCA -London.
- More then 10 years experience in the field .


Jarda Mares

Pernerova 50 50, Prague, 18600

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Aweson trainer: flexible, custom trainings, personal attention and always friendly attitude!

Reviewed by Aliya Nazarkasimova 28.11.2021
Thank you Jarda! You are such a great training coach, every training session with you is always something new, built especially for me, challenging and fits my own needs and my body's capacity. Thank you for diet consultion, great music, and flexible approach in scheduling our sessions and always good conversations and stretch every time! :-)