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I’m Loneldia – owner at GlowFit and certified personal trainer.

GlowFit is a private fitness studio in Prague 6, specialising in personal training and small group training, providing motivation and accountability. We train with focus on proper safe technique, while building strength and lean muscle - combining weights, cardio and high intensity training using a functional training approach.

Working with all fitness levels is what I am about. I'll be happy to help you with your transformation, no matter your skill set, goals or fitness level. All trainings are personalized to work towards your desired results.

At GlowFit I offer :

-Weight training
-Functional exercise
-Home training plans
(planned according to available equipment)
-Macronutrient, calorie and nutrition guidelines
(according to your goals - fat loss, muscle gain, maintenance)

In addition to personal training, I offer group Circuit Training outside, when weather allows. Kicking off summer, now is the perfect time to fall in. Circuit training is a form of interval training, working on a timed basis. For this reason circuit training is suitable for all levels of fitness as you complete each exercise at your own pace in a set period of time. Head over to my website for more information on circuit training. Bookings can be done online or add yourself to one of our Facebook events and join us for some fitness fun!!

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GlowFit: Highly Recommend

posted by Catherine Morrison
17:05:21 10/04/2019

My husband and I have been clients at Glowfit for over a year now and absolutely love the environment that Loneldia has created to support fitness and a healthy lifestyle. She has been able to work with us together and separately. She thoughtfully spends time with us to create individual goals and plans to support an overall healthy lifestyle. Her equipment and facility are modern and high quality, including bathroom and shower facilities. She works hard to meet client needs with scheduling and will send messages with home workouts and encouragement all along the way. If you are an expat looking for a well-priced fitness experience, GlowFit is absolutely a wise choices. It has really been a positive experience.