Bohdan Dyak electrician

Za Hládkovem 98/6, Praha 6, 16900

  • Phone+420 731427777


Electrician license. Repair of faults and installation new electrical networks.
I can work all over Czech Republic depending on the scope of contract.

I work for big companies as well as individuals. I can offer installation, repair of electrical machinery and apparatus, electrical and telecomunication networks.

Bohdan Dyak electrician

Za Hládkovem 98/6, Praha 6, 16900

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Reliable electrician who speaks English

Reviewed by Toby Downes 05.04.2022
I was looking for an electrician who speaks English and saw Bohdan‘s profile with heaps of 5 star reviews. Within an hour of contacting Bohdan he wrote back to me to set up a time to meet. He prepared a competitive quote for the work. He installed an electoral socket and a new switch for the light and fan in our bathroom. He was friendly, worked quickly and cleaned up after he’d finished. Great service! I’ve already shared Bohdan‘s details... read more

Amazing service!!!

Reviewed by Pamela Dodera 20.11.2021
Bohdan provided outstanding service for our shop. Communication was clear and effective. He arrived on time and installed a heavy-duty electrical appliance and connected it to the fusebox. The work was extremely tidy. Not only that, but he also took the extra time to cleanup everything and explain what he was doing. I highly recommend him! Thanks again!

Professional and very efficient.

Reviewed by Kent Cld 29.07.2021
I had an urgency case to wire couple of sockets. Bohdan helped me in very short notice. He is very efficient and professional. Very satisfied with his work, highly recommended.

Best electrician in Prague

Reviewed by Lovy Jain 24.07.2021
We had a second experience with him .it was wonderful. Very helpful, knows his work and very reasonable. I highly recommend.

Reliable and highly recommended

Reviewed by user 01.04.2021
I used 2 times Boghdan's service. He is honest, punctual, and a very good professional. Communication is super easy in 4 languages: (English, Ukrainian, Czech, Russian)

Highly recommended

Reviewed by Volodymyr B 03.03.2021
I used services of Bohdan 3 times during the last 2 years installing different lights for my ceiling. I’m very happy with quality of his work! Thank you.

Very good electrician

Reviewed by Irina Stanescu Klomp 22.12.2020
We highly recommend Bohdan Dyak for everything when comes about electrical connections/ installations. He finds always time to help and comes to repair as soon as possible. Great job done. Thanks a lot!

Professional electrician

Reviewed by Emilia Leonard 01.12.2020
Bohdan Dual is extremely professional and competent electrician. He installed a couple of lights in our house, one particularly difficult. He has designed an advangarde solution on how to switch on / off a few lights in our house by using a remote control. Bohdan is tustable, very polite and efficient with his work. There is good communication as he speaks English. We cannot thank him enough and we recommend Bohdan highly.


Reviewed by Chris Scorer 15.11.2020
This chap solved the problem over the phone to save a call out. He was super helpful. Thanks!

Fast and clever

Reviewed by user 22.10.2020
He solved my problem a proposed a solution based of what I was asking Fast and clever

Excellent electrician for all types of work

Reviewed by Sam Watson 18.08.2020
Bohdan installed new wiring and an electrical switch box through our entire apartment. He is extremely competent, professional and pleasant and was able to organize and complete the project quickly and efficiently along with his colleague who was also very skilled and pleasant. We were able to communicate clearly as he speaks English. We highly recommend Bohdan

Highly recommended

Reviewed by Narek Chomoyan 09.03.2020
I had a problem with electricity last weekend, and Bohdan helped me a lot, he is a good specialist and he is trying to solve a problem in a maximal accurate and comfortable way. He is a very responsible and polite guy so I am recommending him to everyone.

Highly recommended

Reviewed by Eng Alwahishi 28.01.2020
I recommend Dyak. He has a very good experience in electricity. He fixed an electrical issue in my new apartment and installed the lights. He always come on time. He provid me with a contact names for the things out of his scope. And he speak English.

Highly recommended

Reviewed by Alex N 21.10.2019
Bohdan is currently helping us out with some electrical work at our new apartment. He is reliable and has been available to help with last minute changes which is important to us at the moment. We appreciate how easy it is to work with him and his communication. Would use again!

I like him

Reviewed by M. Mühlfeit 24.08.2019
Whenever you need something, he is willing. He has experience and common sense. Bohdan always solved all the problems and knew how. I've invited him 4 times for different things and always perfect. I recommend him.