Driving School Petr Sim

Újezdská 155/10, Praha 10, 10000

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International Driving School of Prague with an experienced instructor. For nearly 9 years, we've been teaching and sharing our experiences with English speakers from around the world in Prague. Detailed explanations of all traffic situations, including classroom theory lessons. Choose from an air conditioned Ford Focus with a manual transmission or a Ford Mondeo with an automatic transmission. Fair prices, a professional approach, and expert preparation for the final exam. The English language textbook includes all 850 of the questions that the written exam is drawn from.
Want to become a good driver? Then learn to anticipate the small - and not-so-small - mistakes that other drivers make.
The same instructor and the same car throughout your training and during your final driving test.

Driving School Petr Sim

Újezdská 155/10, Praha 10, 10000

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good in teaching, but very unprofessional

Reviewed by Brigitta.Bencsetler 26.08.2014
Petr is a good driving tacher, he taught me to drive and feel comfortable with the car. What he should improve is his professionalism, and personal approach to his students. Often he was busy and couldnt concentrate because being overloaded by many duties, students. I did not feel myself important as a student for him, and he definately was not behaving properly as an instructor. Often promises did not match with reality:Enlish text book... read more

Very good and professional

Reviewed by dk7ue 26.08.2014
I had to get a drivers license fast due to time constraints. Even though I have driven outside europe for a long time, driving with Petr was very helpful. I learnt much more about the european driving laws and Petr also repeatedly ask me to correct some of my bad driving habits (excessive use of clutch for e.g.). He was flexible to accomodate my schedule. The driving test was convenient as Petr had already indicated the route to me. I felt... read more


Reviewed by Expats.cz user 23.08.2014
I was commuting from out side of Prague but he always planed how I needed for driving schedules. And if I asked in advance, he would dropped me off at the different metro station at the end. It was nice and helpful for me. One thing, English text was very helpful but could have been updated a little bit. And also should be a few more copies of text so that more students can have in advance and learn.

My experience with Driving School Petr Sim

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 25.06.2014
Feedback is based on personal experiences. After looking at the positive feedback that Petr Sim got, I decided to go to him for my driving classes. My experience with Petr Sim is far from all the positive feedback he has received in the past.<br> 1) On the 3rd of March I very clearly told him that I wanted to enroll in the 1 month course. I paid him accordingly.<br> 2) Once he got my money I realized that this was going to take much longer... read more

Driving Lessons with a World Class Motorist

Reviewed by 02.06.2014
Petr Sim is not only an exemplary instructor but he has enthusiasm for the subject matter. As someone who had been driving previously for many decades, with a clean driving record and no major accidents in the past my objective of course was to simply get my CZ drivers license due to legal requirements of being a permanent CZ/EU resident. The bonus though of studying with Sim was that in the process of passing the exams -- I exited... read more

Really liked it

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 12.03.2014
Petr has been a great teacher in my view. I am a complete beginner and still managed to get my license in 3-4 month. He is flexible regarding the driving hours. In my case we were even starting from my office place which saved my alot of time. Petr is pretty patient with you but he doesn't handle you with kid gloves. If you make mistakes he will tell you that followed by suggestions how to avoid it and how to make your life easier. His... read more

The best english speaking teacher in Prague

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 20.01.2014
I had a hard time finding a decent driving school in Prague and when I started with Mr. Sim he made me feel really confident about everything. He is an oustansing professional, you feel like a student but most important like a customer. Moreover, he was more than convenient with my availability and always managed to find a window for me. His services are the perfect definition of "going the extra mile" because he will not only meet all... read more

Excellent Diving Instructor for English speakers.

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 08.01.2014
I highly recommend Petr Sim as a driving instructor for English-speakers who live in the Czech Republic. Petr is very knowledgable about the idiosyncrsies of Czech highway traffic regulations, and how they differ from those in North America and the UK. I particluarly appreciated Petr's flexibility with respect to his schedule. He was very accommodating to me, which was a big help because I live far from Prague. Petr will get you through it!

100% recommended!

Reviewed by Kristina Sofie 07.01.2014
After carefully considering various driving schools and reading reviews, I decided to go for AutoskolaSim, and honestly, I could not be happier! Without any previous experience behind the wheels, Petr had me ready to pass my driving exam perfectly (on my first try), in just two months. He was very patient, calm and truly an amazing teacher. I never felt unsafe or nervous driving with him. The lessons where a mix of theory and practice... read more

Can not be better!

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 20.12.2013
Hi all, If you want to get your Czech driving license fast and easy - Just contact Petr. I really enjoy to know him as a person and have only compliments for his service. Tamir