Driving School Petr Sim

Újezdská 155/10, Praha 10, 10000

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International Driving School of Prague with an experienced instructor. For nearly 9 years, we've been teaching and sharing our experiences with English speakers from around the world in Prague. Detailed explanations of all traffic situations, including classroom theory lessons. Choose from an air conditioned Ford Focus with a manual transmission or a Ford Mondeo with an automatic transmission. Fair prices, a professional approach, and expert preparation for the final exam. The English language textbook includes all 850 of the questions that the written exam is drawn from.
Want to become a good driver? Then learn to anticipate the small - and not-so-small - mistakes that other drivers make.
The same instructor and the same car throughout your training and during your final driving test.

Driving School Petr Sim

Újezdská 155/10, Praha 10, 10000

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Reviewed by Greg T 18.08.2021
Je blázen! Never, never, never!!!!

Terrible & Unprofessional Petr Sim, bad experience!!! Check Google reviews before you pay!!!

Reviewed by Rylee Conrad 18.08.2020
Horrible experience! Easily the worst teacher I’ve ever come across. Angry all the time, inconsistent, and doesn’t communicate information clearly. I strongly DO NOT recommend it.

Terrible experience & Google reviews more accurate

Reviewed by Imran K 14.05.2020
I echo every sentiment from the terrible and sadly accurate comments below.

Good driving lessons for a first timer

Reviewed by Cal Mark 08.05.2020
Receiving driving lessons at the moment and it is going very well. I had absolutely zero experience yet I am on the road now, abd driving to a decent standard within weeks. I hope to do my test in the next month or so. Petr is clear and upfront, and guides you well with easy and direct instruction.

Terrible experience

Reviewed by Gunay Ismayilova 06.05.2020
It is a big NO to take driving classes with Autoskola Sim! He communicates the instructions poorly and gives last minute instructions. When I made a mistake, he got annoyed and frustrated or yelled at me as if I committed a crime. I wanted to quit, but instead I politely mentioned to him that I got more nervous and stressed when he reacted in an angry way. He said he would try not to be angry any more. Of course, nothing changed. He treats... read more


Reviewed by Greg T 01.05.2020
Dreadful. Just plays with his phone and eats and then doesn't return money when you cancel - due to his lack of professionalism. Apparently I have to tick 1 star to post....would prefer to give a zero or minus...Will report him to the Czech equivalent of trading standards. Awaiting feedback from expats.cz with regard to their complaints procedure/a follow up on whether they should permit this guy to advertise here.

Great teacher

Reviewed by Ed Sawyer 29.03.2019
I took refresher lessons after not driving for 5/6 years and Petr guided me through a few lessons clearly and professionally. Petr’s fluent in English, flexible and fun to learn with. Good price, easy/professional environment.

Flexible and professional

Reviewed by Oscar Garcia 28.02.2019
Petr Sim's driving school has been my personal best choice. Very good price, very good study material, Petr is an excellent instructor and very flexible in terms of scheduling the driving lessons. Petr's interpreters are very fluent in English, which helped me to understand the exam's questions quickly and finish it on time. I passed the test on my first try, so I'm quite satisfied with the training i got from Petr Sim Driving School.

The teacher that suited my needs

Reviewed by Plo Dev 05.10.2017
I’ve been reading former comments before writing mine and I have to agree that some people might be right when saying he was sometime a bit late or took care of personal chores on the way. HOWEVER, my overall experience was more than satisfying. I chose Petr Sim driving school because of this sentence on the website "for those who thought they’d never be able to drive a car », he got me there! Petr understood my driving type, my weaknesses... read more

Excellent School and Teacher

Reviewed by Marcelo Ciappina 02.10.2017
Petr is a superb instructor and a honest and sincere guy. From the very beginning of our lessons, I felt very secure and confident with him. I had been driving in other countries, but I had to learn the CZ signs, regulations, etc. Petr explained me clearly the key points and every driving lessons helped me to improve my skills. I would recommend Petr's school to anyone regardless of level and experience. I'm pretty sure he has one of the best... read more

The most horrible experience I had in Czech Republic

Reviewed by Margareta Oprea 11.02.2017
Very unprofessional approach, very greedy man, he would accept a lot of students at the same time without being able to offer enough lessons. I've been taking classes for a whole year with massive breaks in between (up to three months) still without being provided sufficient preparation, in result I failed the exam twice and wasn't even contacted to repeat the exam. My conclusion, it's a rip off!! Heard from other people they had as bad... read more

Excellent instructor

Reviewed by mocha 12.01.2015
Being an experienced driver from Canada, I was pleased that Petr gave me ample practise driving time in Prague yet not more time than necessary as I prepared for the tests. He made me aware of driving practises that I needed to pay attention to, all with the goal of seeing me succeed. Petr communicates well in english and I found him both professional in manner and very personable as well. I am happy to recommend him to others needing to be... read more

Excellent instructor

Reviewed by novahawk 17.09.2014
I've had a drivers license from the USA for many years, and Petr was able to teach me everything I needed to know to become a safe driver in the Czech Republic, and also pass the test needed for a Czech driver's license. He will be able to tell you what you need to focus on and what is important to not only be a good driver in this country, but also what is needed to pass test. He will drill those things into you until you remember them.... read more

Passed First Time

Reviewed by sambee 17.09.2014
I'm by no means a natural driver but I passed my Czech test first time with Petr Sim. He's an excellent and very dedicated driving instructor, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services.


Reviewed by Aaron Čech 09.09.2014
I have had a driver's license for many years in my home country, but finally had to take the plunge and become "official" in the CR. After speaking to other expats and taking in the reviews with a grain of salt, I contacted Petr. He was very prompt in responding, extremely helpful along the way, as accommodating schedule-wise as any busy professional can be, and, most importantly, he helped to put me at ease with the never-ending Czech... read more