Blanick√° 1060/32, Praha 2, 12000

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Do you need someone who will go for a walk with your dog or look after her/him while you are gone on holiday or a business trip?
Are you looking for someone who will visit and feed your cat, ferret, rabbit, hamster, tortoise, parrot, fish etc. while you are gone?
Or are you just looking for someone to water your plants?

FETCH is here for you! My name is Iveta Hankova, an animal and plant lover with many years of experience. I'm situated in Prague 2 Vinohrady. The price varies depending upon your and your pet's/plants' needs.

I offer a V.I.P. service. Because I want to focus on individual needs of each animal client, I watch one at a time.
I believe your pet deserves to enjoy her/his vacation as well so I try to make the time we spend together as pleasant as possible.

I also offer a special treatment for your plants that includes watering them and giving them positive vibes.


Blanick√° 1060/32, Praha 2, 12000

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