Private clinic - Dr. Ivana Grohová, M.D. & Partners

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Internist, General Practitioner, Homeopathy,
Psychosomatic Medicine, Psychotherapy
Other alternative branches of medicine available
Referrals to other specialists available

SMALL FAMILY PRIVATE HEALTH FACILITY with individual and personalised approach to each patient
- Private Healthcare in the centre of Prague (near metro Florenc)
- English and Russian speaking staff
- Czech Insurance accepted, reasonable prices
- Quality health care with appointments at your convenience

Office hours:
Monday 8:00 – 18:00
Tuesday 8:00 – 17:00
Wednesday 8:00 – 17:00
Thursday 8:00 – 13:00
Friday 8:00 – 13:00

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Excellent attention and very Diligent

posted by Lau ChSalinas
11:11:33 03/05/2018

I can always trust that at Doctor's Grohova I will be well treated, from a routine check-up to a complicated health issue.

First Class

posted by Jon Edward Webb
22:10:10 28/11/2017

The premises are not five star, but the staff, receptionists, nurses and doctors are professional, efficient, helpful and friendly. The doctor I consulted gave me an unrushed 45 minutes - and would have given me longer had I needed it. She was very careful indeed to make sure that she was absolutely clear about what my problems were, and to make sure I fully understood the options open to me. She prescribed medicine that began to take effect within six hours, x-rays, sample analysis and a session with a specialist (and gave me very clear instructions as to how I could easily obtain these). I left at the end of my consultation feeling looked after. and professionally handled. All this for CZK300 (which would have been nothing had I been able to speak Czech. This practice very understandably charges a small fee to insured people who require English-speaking doctors,, as do most practices.) I know that my wife has recommended this practice to many colleagues, who have told her how grateful they were for the recommendation to such a good practice. Having now received first-class treatment there twice in the past two years, I shall join her in recommending them. ps. I am VZP insured. I have no idea of the fees if you are not insured by a recognised scheme.


posted by Kris Freit
08:08:17 07/08/2017

Žádná morálka

Dr. Ilona Grohova - best medical care

posted by paul.mcnulty
14:02:03 08/06/2015

I am happy to recommend Dr.Grohova - excellent medical service, perfect English, warm personality and always in time!

Best Family doctor in Prague

posted by Viviana
13:01:47 08/06/2015

Dr. Grohova is our family doctor for more then 6 years and I feel very lucky to find her. She is not only giving best treatment and helps with medical services along normal Czech lines ( normal medical treatment and tests, references to specialists and hospitals, preparing all necessary medical documents) but also giving very details general health advice, including diet and life style advice, also holistic treatment (this was very important in my case) What is also important, she is very nice warm person, very supportive. She is very well organized (my appointments were always in time - no waiting which in unfortunately common in many Czech medical institutions) she is also always ready to help after hours if needed. She speaks many languages (perfect English, also Russian, as I heard from my friends, also French.I would highly recommend her