MUDr. Ivana Grohová s.r.o. - small family private clinic

Sokolovská 40/57, Praha 8, 18600

  • Landline+420 224814758
  • Mobile phone+420 776707887


Now open - closes at 18:00

Opening hours

Monday 08:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 18:00
Thursday 08:00 - 13:00
Friday 07:00 - 13:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
- Small family private clinic in the centre of Prague
- Medical care with personal and individual approach to each patient
- Czech Insurance accepted

SMALL FAMILY PRIVATE HEALTH FACILITY with individual and personalised approach to each patient
- Private Healthcare in the centre of Prague (near metro Florenc)
- English and Russian speaking staff
- Czech Insurance accepted, reasonable prices
- Quality health care with appointments at your convenience

Office hours:
Monday 8:00 – 18:00
Tuesday 8:00 – 18:00
Wednesday 8:00 – 18:00
Thursday 8:00 – 13:00
Friday 7:00 – 13:00

MUDr. Ivana Grohová s.r.o. - small family private clinic

Sokolovská 40/57, Praha 8, 18600

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Great experience

Reviewed by Amy Harris 05.01.2022
Went to this clinic few days ago with long term troubles. I was very happy with the overal approach and multiple treatment options - very helpful and the staff was so kind! Would definetly recommend. Thank you!!


Reviewed by user 05.01.2022
Decent for Somalian standards. They are trying to scam you into paying for the things that are free with insurance. they will check your temperature, heart beat and charge you your car! They have candies in the reception, dont take them or you will be charged !


Reviewed by user 19.12.2021
THE WORST DOCTOR EXPERIENCE, STAY AWAY! Good location, but extremely unprofessional and rude. Luckily there are many competent GPs in Karlin, so we switched. And unlike Grohova they don't charge for the "privilege" of speaking English. This office is a joke. Stay away.


Reviewed by Barry De kock 30.08.2021
Very good & efficient.

A pleasant experience

Reviewed by Jan Purkrábek (Master Admin) 20.06.2019 (silver reviewer) Silver
I visited Mrs. Grohová about 2 years ago for a check-up and was offered multiple options for treating a health issue I was experiencing. I would recommend her for people looking for a holistic approach with multiple options to chose from.

No HIPAA in Praha!

Reviewed by Jaclyn Smith 18.06.2019
My husband found Dr. Grohova through this website about two years ago and begin to see her. He really thought that I would like her and recommended that I see her. I did. More than once. I was new to Prague and very lonely. At the time; my husband was her patient and he was drinking a lot. So much that I considered leaving him. I told her this in private, I told her when he got drunk he scared me. I told her things (on my second and third... read more

A new favorite doctor

Reviewed by Steven Arreguin 18.12.2018
Ok. She was really awesome. Totally mello. Comfortable. She was great. Although she didnt know my history, she did better than standard medical help. I needed a double dose of antibiotics and like she shouldn't do, she didnt do. I needed a doubke dose when i got home. But honestly, she was well priced enough and gave me enough to hold off qhat probably was gonna be pneumonia. I just was born with a deficiency. If i lived in prague. I would... read more

Excellent doctor in Prague

Reviewed by Juliana Schneider 02.11.2018
I highly recommend Dr. Grohova. Everyone in the practice is very attentive, empathetic and super friendly! Also, they speak perfect English. Thanks a lot for this positive experience!

Horrible Experience and Amazing Docs

Reviewed by David Froehlich 20.09.2018
I moved to Prague about a year ago, a couple things I knew were that the medical system is above standard and I can more than confirm that now. I have had a walnut allergy all my life the last reaction I had 15 years ago and it wasn't too bad, swelling in the face but nothing really threatening. So neither my GP or myself thought about getting an Epipen to carry with me. Yesterday I went for lunch close by and ordered a chicken sandwich at... read more

Excellent attention and very Diligent

Reviewed by Lau ChSalinas 03.05.2018
I can always trust that at Doctor's Grohova I will be well treated, from a routine check-up to a complicated health issue.

First Class

Reviewed by Jon Webb 28.11.2017
The premises are not five star, but the staff, receptionists, nurses and doctors are professional, efficient, helpful and friendly. The doctor I consulted gave me an unrushed 45 minutes - and would have given me longer had I needed it. She was very careful indeed to make sure that she was absolutely clear about what my problems were, and to make sure I fully understood the options open to me. She prescribed medicine that began to take... read more


Reviewed by Kris Freit 07.08.2017
Žádná morálka

Dr. Ilona Grohova - best medical care

Reviewed by Viviana Sofronitsky 08.06.2015
I am happy to recommend Dr.Grohova - excellent medical service, perfect English, warm personality and always in time!

Best Family doctor in Prague

Reviewed by Viviana 08.06.2015
Dr. Grohova is our family doctor for more then 6 years and I feel very lucky to find her. She is not only giving best treatment and helps with medical services along normal Czech lines ( normal medical treatment and tests, references to specialists and hospitals, preparing all necessary medical documents) but also giving very details general health advice, including diet and life style advice, also holistic treatment (this was very important... read more

Mr Scott McDonagh and Clayton Imeri

Reviewed by Scott.McDonagh 20.05.2015
"Dr. Grohova has been the general practitioner for my partner and I, for over five years. She has offered not only expert mainstream medical advice, but also great alternate advice as well. She has a beautiful heart. We would have been lost here without her."