Ucnovska 1, Praha 9, 19000

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Under the brand Dr. KRAUS we are concentrated on company preventive care, healthcare for international patients and demanding clientele on an individual basis. Special offer from 05.June 2006- take the advantage.


Ucnovska 1, Praha 9, 19000

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Reviewed by Richard Nixon 17.06.2008 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
He WAS a good doctor until the day I went in and was told that he no longer worked with patients with Czech insurance. I made the appointment and schlepped all the way there to be told he would not accept my VZP. He could have told me on the phone since he knew me for the last year and DID accept it each previous time. He decided to aim his practice at the more "affluent" audience, the expat with cash.

Great doctor

Reviewed by easoukenka 16.06.2008
Great friendly manner, really cares about each patient. Give him a try, I think you will really be happy....

Dr Kraus

Reviewed by Nicks1 29.05.2006
He is an absolute professional. Thorough and empathetic. A role model as to how GP's should be. If you need a GP in Prague,call him first. Nick

Dr. Kraus

Reviewed by sirilak 23.05.2006
One can imagine how terrible it is to get sick especially when one is far away from home. Having arrived in Sweden a month ago, I happened to be sick. As a new arrival, I don't know yet how to get around with the medical system in Sweden. I contacted Dr.Kraus whom I've known couple years back from the UN Mission in Croatia. He took time and gave his medical opinion about the smptom I got. With his close follow up action, my health condition... read more

Dr Kraus

Reviewed by jfilsell 25.04.2006
Expats looking for an English speaking, knowledgable, ethical, empathetic and very professional doctor can confidently consult Dr Kraus. In addition access by tram is a cinch. Jenny Filsell

A Happy Patient writes...

Reviewed by worcester 12.02.2006
I was lucky to have Dr. Kraus recommended to me by work colleagues; in my most difficult time in the Czech Republic, his fluent English and excellent bed-side manner were a huge help. I was particularly impressed with his diagnosis, which was more detailed and concise than any doctor in my experience. He offered an explanation of symptoms which left me feeling as though we were both working together for my quick recovery, as opposed to the... read more

Great Doctor

Reviewed by csm 16.09.2005
I contacted Dr. Kraus after hours of waiting in various polyclinics and found his services to be extremely helpful, flexible and customer focused. He speaks fluent English And has affordable prices. What a relief!