Trindadent s.r.o.

Vinohradská 2165/48, Praha 2, 12000

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- The right space to leave your fears behind
- Highly qualified team of doctors
- Multi-language environment
- Including oral surgery / dental implants

Trindadent s.r.o.

Vinohradská 2165/48, Praha 2, 12000

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Tip Top!

Reviewed by James Mitchell 14.01.2017
Not to play follow the leader and sound redundant....but Dr. Trindade is the best dentist that I've ever been to. Very gentle and calming. He explained everything that was going to happen. My wisdom tooth that he was working on was somewhat difficult, but he got me through it with a friendly and professional demeanor. I'm happy to say that I have found my dentist for myself and my family!

Great experience

Reviewed by S.Meehan 15.02.2015
I spent a semester living in CZ in 2013 and decided to get 2 anterior crowns to replace my two front middle teeth as one had died and started to discolor. I also wished for the shape of the crowns to be neater than the natural shape of my teeth. Dr Trindade was very friendly and helpful with his recommendations. When the crowns came back from the lab they were not the best color match so Dr Trindade sent them back to have them changed for... read more


Reviewed by Yves22.P 07.08.2014
Dr. Rui is now top on my list. He gave me advise that many had misled me to think my teeth were beyond saving and require complicated surgeries. Highly recommended for those who require a second opinion and as a consultant.

Highly Recommend!

Reviewed by Jennifer 10.12.2012
I am terrified of dentists and was nervous about my first dental experience in Prague. But after reading all the excellent reviews, I made an appointment for my dental cleaning at Trindadent. The entire experience was amazing - the staff are all very nice and knowledgable. The hygienist explained why my gums were bleeding around one tooth (it's been a problem tooth and nobody else has ever explained the problem to me or recommended a special... read more

When only the best will do

Reviewed by Alfredo 30.08.2012
A confident professional who excels in providing a personal touch, Dr. Trindade recently repaired for me a decayed tooth that had broken open. He provided me with all the information I needed and worked in a calm, reassuring manner. And the repair job was excellent - Dr. Trindade is a master of pain management ('just a little mosquito bite now'). Combined with the state-of-the-art equipment, the soothing atmosphere, and Dr. Trindade's superb... read more


Reviewed by Gabriel Tarle 04.06.2012
The place is extremely well equipped. The doctor is very nice and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend it to anyone who has complications and needs special treatment. The price really reflects the quality of the service.

French/English gentle dentist

Reviewed by lhache 21.02.2012
Really nice dentist, speaking also french and english. For ceramic crown, the work is really well done. To recommend.

Trindadent - just perfect

Reviewed by David Szendzielarz 15.11.2011
My wife and I recently visited Trindadent. We will be highly recommending the place to our family and friends. Excellent, friendly service, and great explanations of procedures, tools. We were treated with courtesy and respect.

Best Choice

Reviewed by XID 01.03.2011
I'm fortunate to have chosen Trindadent as my dentist to complete significant crown work as well as cleaning and filling. Dr. Trindade and his assistant Ms. Reznikova are consistently kind and polite, and multilingual. Communicating in English was a fluent and easy process and I learned interesting details about the tools and technology in use, and understood his description of my teeth's x-ray images. The office is equipped with... read more

A marvellous experience

Reviewed by Thaliss 26.02.2011
At first I was very afraid to go there, because it was my first visit to a dentist in Prague. But now I can say, that among all the dentists that I have visited during my life, the best one I have found is here in Prague! This doctor is not only professional in his area, he is more like psychologist. He would listen to all your complaints and would answer patiently to all your questions regarding teeth problems. If you don't know where to... read more

Best dentist in Prague

Reviewed by eng.quim 25.02.2011 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
In moments of pain, last thing you want to worry about is where to go and how the service will be... For that reason I recommend Trindadent, where you get a professional and personalized service, in central location in Prague and with best rates. <BR><BR> A modern clinic with friendly staff and flexible enough to meet your needs (both on the number of languages spoken and working hours). <BR><BR> Strongly recommended <BR><BR> Update... read more


Reviewed by duarte 21.02.2011 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
Last week I was at Trindadent and it was a nice experience. The service was very professional and friendly. The treatment was painless and fast and I´m very happy with the results. Highly recommended.

Thank you Trindadent!!

Reviewed by vito_gomes 16.02.2011
I was extremely satisfied with the way i was taken care of at Trindadent. Very professional and gentle staff, relaxing atmosphere and above all, an excellent treatment. I also admire the fact that at Trindadent they can speak nearly every language. Great for expats! I can only recommend it to everyone!

The most gentle dentist in Prague!

Reviewed by monikapl 07.02.2011
Generally I am terrified of going to dentists but in Trindadent everybody is so friendly and kind especially the dentist who is so gentle. Extraction of my two wisdom teeth went smoothly without any pain. I may strongly recommend Trindadent. No pain, no fear thanks to super friendly dentist!


Reviewed by JClarity 05.11.2010
I had a lot of pain in my mouth and it was getting worse, late in the evening and didn't think it was a great idea to wait til the next day. I found Trindadent here on Expats, gave a call and was able to get an appointment even though it was late and at short notice. Treated in a state of the art office by a very friendly and considerate dentist. Not hard at all for me to recommend this really as they were so helpful at short notice.