Jana Navrátilová, Dr. med dent

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We welcome new patients.

Healthy and beatiful teeth for life. Give yourself a winning smile.

Your visit/consultation will be a positive and comfortable experience. We provide the latest innnovations and techniques for top level dental care. Each patient will be given  a long term plan for healthy and beautiful teeth. Color, function, shape and health is of utmost importance. Your teeth are beautiful if they look natural and match your look and personality. The consultation will show the aesthetic and functional needs of the patient. The patient will then receive the best plan and options for his/her dental care.
My goal is to provide the patient with the best possible care in all manners of dental care. It is not only the teeth that get a checkup- we also monitor and treat bones,gums, jaw muscles and the jaw itself. Icooperate with the best specialists in dental surgery and gum disease. The ultimate goal,with the help of the patient,is to eliminate all cavities, get rid of faulty fillings or crowns, treat all infections and most of all, prevent future gum or tissue infections or problems. Any oral infections have a negative influence on the rest of the body.
Regular professional tooth cleaning supports the overall healthy teeth concept.
After a discussion with the doctor, the patient can then decide exactly how best to achieve this healthy and beautiful teeth concept.However big or small the problem might be, I will in detail discuss all alternatives with the patient. In more complicated cases,naturally the solution will be more complex and time consuming. But the plan will be made together  to achieve the best and most satisfactory results for a truly healthy and winning smile.

Jana Navratilova, Dr.med. dent

Born in Prague, Jana lived in Germany and Sweden for 25 years(1986-2010),she loves to play tennis and loves the arts. Jana speaks  German, English and Swedish fluently as well as rudimentary Russian. She studied dentistry in Bonn,West Germany. After her studies she worked a few years in a private dental office  in Cologne, West Germany and simultaneousely finished her Doktor Arbeit (doctorate degree)at the University of Cologne.Her doctorate thesis  was about the Aesthetics and well being concerning our teeth. She then opened her own dental clinic in Stockholm, Sweden  where she worked for 15 years (1996-2010).Because dentistry is undergoing constant progress, as chief of her clinic, Jana finds it very important to continue to educate herself with all of the latest and new methods  She continues to educate herself in international  courses on implantology, concentrating on Straumann system, disorders of mandibular joint, endodontics, and  most of all, in aesthetics. She took courses by Doctor Sverker Toreskog ,one of the best specialists in aestetic dentistry and master of appliance of Ceramics.Jana works together in Prague with the most aknowledged orthodontist, Mudr.Jiří Petr, paradontologist, Mudr.Jiři Střeblov and oral surgeon, Mudr.Vladimír Zábrodský. We use the best dental laboratories in Prague and Stockholm.
We speak English, German, Swedish, Spanish, Russian fluently.

Jana Navrátilová, Dr. med dent

U Rajské zahrady 956/4, Praha 3, 13000

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Dr. J. Navratilova

Reviewed by lucia ceckova 04.11.2015
The doctor is very professional, empathetic and always on time. Painless examination and quality work is by a default. I am sending my recomendation with a pleasure. Lucia C --- Pani doktorka je velmi profesionalna, empaticka a vzdy dodrziava casovo-dohodnuty termin. Bezbolestne vysetrenie a kvalitna praca je samozrejnostou. S radostou doporucujem. Lucia C


Reviewed by Liz Allan 24.06.2015
I've been to many dentists over the years and in many countries. I am delighted to have found this wonderful dentist, and very pleased that the prices are so reasonable. I get a bit frightened about going to the dentist but she was so calm, paitent, gentle and reassuring that I felt fine. I now plan on getting all my work done here, both hygenie and cosmetic. I have recommended her to all my friends and colleagues including my boss. I've... read more